The gift of community

The internet is so bloody brilliant. I know there’s a lot of crap floating around out there on the interwebs — a LOT of crap — but there is also so much GOOD. I’m so grateful to be alive now, in this era. I’m sure in 50 years there’ll be stuff happening that will blow my mind, and I’ll be an 89-year-old auntie marvelling at what my great-niece or -nephew can do with… god, with what? The power of their eyeballs? The power of their thoughts? Can you imagine?!

I’m feeling the love today because we’re nearly at the end of week two in my newest course, and so far it’s been amazing. And it’s not just the content of the course (which I’m very proud of) or the blog posts that are being born — it’s also the way the participants rally round each other in support and shared learning. We’re using a private Facebook group to connect but I see this happening in the Flickr groups we use in my other courses too. When I started blogging I connected with people slowly, leaving comments here and there and participating in a few group projects (Sunday Scribblings is still going!) but I’d have loved to participate in online classes if they’d been around back then. It’s like finding an instant community of like-minded folk. It’s like finding your tribe. Which is why I love doing this work — you teach what you need to learn, and in turn find what you were seeking.

I don’t often talk about the courses here, just because it would get boring if I was constantly banging on about them, but today I just wanted to let you know that if you were looking for community, and had your eye on any of my virtual babies, registration for Unravelling and Photo Meditations opens on Saturday. After this run I won’t be offering the courses again till the autumn as I need to keep the summer free for the book tour* (<—– still tickles me to write that) so come join us for some springtime connection and community! xo

* re the tour, lovely Lucinda mentioned on Facebook yesterday that my book signings could also be like informal Unravelling meet-ups, which is exactly how I’d like them to be. And obviously you don’t have to have taken the class to come along — just think of it as an opportunity to meet like-minded folk. With a few books lying around. And possibly cupcakes. As soon as I have the dates I’ll share them here — the tour will be completely self-funded so I can’t go to too many places, but it’s looking like the cities will be:

Portland, OR
LA or Santa Barbara (maybe both)
San Francisco

I really hope to see you there!

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  1. Esmé

    San Francisco! Yaaayyyy! I cannot wait! I remember the gorgeous shots you took of SF last time you came; I hadn’t moved here yet, but now I’ve bought a flat with my husband, and those Polaroids you took a few years back always remind me of how beautiful my own city is. If you can, try to stop by Photobooth. I think you posted about it here awhile back. I’m taking an Impossible Project/Polaroid class with nudes, with Chloe Aftel, this weekend!


  2. Amanda Fall

    So true! As someone with social anxiety issues, I especially appreciate the opportunity to connect on a deep level through online classes and groups. It’s amazing how many likeminded people exist across the world, and how we can be brought together in an instant. What an incredible time to be alive.

    And a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your book!

  3. Meg

    Susannah is not blowing her own trumpet nearly enough here. Blogging from the Heart is really rather superb! And it definitely fills a gap. There are many e-courses on photography, journalling but an e-course with a strong focus on writing… they are few and far between!

    Susannah, the US book tour sounds fun. Could we tempt you to do at least one date in the UK, as an informal Unravelling meet-up maybe?

    Meg x

  4. susannah

    Thanks for saying that, hon :) and yes, I’ll try to organise a meet-up in London for sure xo

  5. Suzie Lambert

    VANCOUVER!!! I so can NOT wait to meet and give you a huge hug!!!!!
    Your unraveling course helped me so much when I left my marriage and started out on my own. Your words of encouragement and softness was amazing. I repeat your words ‘go gently’ over and over again. I thank you for the opportunity to meet so many great ladies, many of whom have been going through what I was at the time.
    Thank you Susannah, so very very much *hugs*
    Suzie Lambert

  6. Janine

    No London or Bath stop, or where those announced in another post?

    It’s funny that when I’m in North America, everyone I’d ever meet is elsewhere; and when I go elsewhere, everyone comes to North America. And by funny, I mean very sad for me.

  7. Lorraine

    Oh so happy to hear you plan to come to Toronto! I can’t wait to hear the details of when and where. Congratulations on your book – I am looking forward to it !

  8. Justine

    I am crossing my fingers and toes that I’m in town when you traverse through LA and / or SB. Would love love love to meet you!

  9. Bobbi

    I live in an area of SoCal that’s between LA and Santa Barbara, so it would be great to find out the dates for your tour. Your photography is an inspiration to this beginner. Thanks!

  10. Shannon

    If you’re going to Portland AND Vancouver you should stop in Seattle. It’s right in the middle and you’d probably have to pass us any way. We’ll bring the cupcakes!

  11. Meg Manion Silliker

    oh i am so happy you are coming to boston. can’t wait to give you a hug!! i’ll be there with bells on. you’re brilliant! xo

  12. Nathalie

    And what if you did a confidential book tour stop in Paris? That would be nice for the French gals reading YOU! :-)

  13. susannah

    i would so love to, honey — one day!! :D xx

  14. Zsofi

    An what about the European book tour or even South American???

  15. susannah

    It’s not something i can afford to do right now, hon, i’m sorry! My publisher doesn’t help with tour costs, so it’s all self-funded

  16. Robby

    BOSTON! <3

  17. Gerri

    I’m so grateful that I have become one of your pupils…I (and a few others who have taken several if not all of your courses) call ourselves “groupies”. Hysterical… But, I’m sure that it’s not just your brilliance that we love. It’s also the fact that we ladies have found each other. There is a sisterhood all over the globe. And, we have you to thank for that. Much love to you Hon! Oh, and I plan to get my fanny to Toronto! xo

  18. Vanessa

    I’m in Susannah’s current class and am loving it! Susannah really has connected us with so many wonderful like minded individuals who would otherwise be hard to come by! If you are on the fence about taking the class… I say DO IT! It’s so worth it! Thanks Susannah! ;)

  19. Sandra

    Toronto! I’m surprised and delighted :)
    Can’t wait to hear more, I’m going to try my best to be there. Also, I’m planning on taking the blogging course next time around – I hope that will be one of the autumn offerings.

  20. kelly

    Hope to meet you in SF or Portland. If you were driving you could just cruise down from Vancouver, hit Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, Eugene, SF, Santa Barbara and LA. (I’m trying to think of all the towns that 1. I think you would love, 2. have exceptionally lovely people and pretty scenery and 3. are big enough towns to ensure a good turnout for a book signing. Or if you atill aren’t driving, maybe Unravellers could sign up to drive you, handing you off in between towns!

    However it works out, I’m sure it will be a HUGE success!

  21. Lauren

    I’m scrambling to do Unraveling. It still calls to me… Not sure why… ~*~

  22. Roxanne Galpin


  23. Ginger

    Hi Susannah, what time on Saturday does registration for Unravelling open?

    I’d be so sad to miss another opportunity to take the course!

  24. lucy

    Can I also add a plea for a London love-session from a loooong-time lurking fan? Best of luck with it all, Susannah!

  25. Annette

    Blogging from the Heart has so far been a Wonderful experience! Warmth, encouragement, and kindred spirits. And for all the kindred-ness an enormous amount of diversity as well.

    Susannah, a vote here for LA (still a couple of hours for me but closer than Santa Barbara). I’d LOVE to meet you and get a signed copy of your book! (Though I’ll admit I’m being selfish because Santa Barbara is lovely and you should see it if you’re here.)

  26. Miriam

    Los Angeles! (And please not on a Friday or Saturday.) I’d invite you to stay with us, but our guest room is really the laundry room with an inflatable and three six year-olds jumping on you which works surprisingly well for adoring grandmas and great-aunts but not anyone else.

    I’m really enjoying the course. I feel like the stagnant energy that’s been surrounding my blogging is being washed away.

  27. susannah

    Hi Ginger! Registration opens at 4pn GMT which is 11am EST and 8am PST x

  28. Rhianne

    I loved Photo Meditations, I think I’ve read it through again 3 times since I took part!

    I’m really hoping I can make it to London to come see you :)

  29. bella

    Will see you in NYC, darlin’ !! Such a great list of cities you’re going to. The tour will be epic, I’m sure. xo

  30. Jessica

    Yay for Portland!! I wouldn’t miss seeing you there for the world!! xo

  31. Tisha

    wanna come to Louisville? we’d love to host you!!!! ;)

  32. jodi

    yay NYC!!!

  33. Melinda

    YAY, Vancouver! Please, please say this will be after June 21.

    And, your blogging course is phenomenal and life expanding btw.


  34. Stacy

    Come to Philly!!!!

  35. Penny

    So glad you are thinking of a London date too!!! I can’t wait!

  36. Ramona

    yeah vancouver!

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