Two years later, it’s here!

It’s the moment you can’t believe will ever arrive — the first time you have your book in your hands. The book you’ve worked on for two whole years. I remember sitting on my bed with my laptop, furiously typing up my notes for the sample chapter I was to send the editor I hoped was going to be MY editor if she accepted my book proposal. The phone rang — it was my sister, who still hadn’t gone into labour. And now here I am, one month away from my nephew’s second birthday, typing furiously into my laptop, my finished book by my side.

Creating a book the traditional way is such a long process, laughably so if you consider how fast new media moves today. But man, it is such a privilege to be able to even to tell you that. The physical book is here at last (and you’ll see how I feel about that in the video below :) but I’m hoping that it’s more than just paper and pages. Without wanting to get too woo woo on you, I’m hoping that you’ll feel the intentions I had when I was sat in the exact spot i’m sitting in now, typing into my laptop. When it was just me and my thoughts and my wrists aching with RSI. Because I’m thrilled the book is a real book, and that I’ll get to do my wee book tour in the summer and celebrate this object we made, but the real magic will happen when you’re sitting quietly reading the words, with a cup of tea by your side and maybe a cat on your lap. I hope that you find the words useful. Comforting. Inspiring. Affirming.

I just hope you like the book, basically :)

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  1. jenn

    I read the writeup on about your book. While I have sort of been on shopping binge as of late, I may have to wait a while to buy it, but I do am thinking it might help me. I have been grasping at my reality since my mom was struck by a car and killed last March. Prior to that art was my life. I have shrunk away from it, not totally, but yes backed up. I was so used to sharing it with her. It sound like you may have been in the same place at one time. Maybe this can help me come back again..xoxo.

  2. jenn

    oh, and apologies for not double checking my spelling!!! and also a forgotten CONGRATS!

  3. cheryl c.

    Such a beautiful cover and looks so inviting.
    Congratulations to your for this great achievement.
    You give the rest of us hope….

  4. Ruth

    Yay Susannah!! Congratulations!!!! This is great to see!!

  5. Lisa

    Amazing accomplishment! Looks amazing! Will be ordering asap!

  6. Kathryn

    huge, giant congratulations! how brilliant :D

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