Two years later, it’s here!

It’s the moment you can’t believe will ever arrive — the first time you have your book in your hands. The book you’ve worked on for two whole years. I remember sitting on my bed with my laptop, furiously typing up my notes for the sample chapter I was to send the editor I hoped was going to be MY editor if she accepted my book proposal. The phone rang — it was my sister, who still hadn’t gone into labour. And now here I am, one month away from my nephew’s second birthday, typing furiously into my laptop, my finished book by my side.

Creating a book the traditional way is such a long process, laughably so if you consider how fast new media moves today. But man, it is such a privilege to be able to even to tell you that. The physical book is here at last (and you’ll see how I feel about that in the video below :) but I’m hoping that it’s more than just paper and pages. Without wanting to get too woo woo on you, I’m hoping that you’ll feel the intentions I had when I was sat in the exact spot i’m sitting in now, typing into my laptop. When it was just me and my thoughts and my wrists aching with RSI. Because I’m thrilled the book is a real book, and that I’ll get to do my wee book tour in the summer and celebrate this object we made, but the real magic will happen when you’re sitting quietly reading the words, with a cup of tea by your side and maybe a cat on your lap. I hope that you find the words useful. Comforting. Inspiring. Affirming.

I just hope you like the book, basically :)

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  1. Sarah Bray

    Susannah, I just love you. Congratulations. You deserve this massively.

  2. lisa field-elliot

    I was there when that window shot was taken! I’ve loved every minute of following and cheering you on through this labor and delivery. Love and kudos, my friend. Proud of you. xx

  3. Maura

    Congratulations! What a wonderful dream come true.

  4. angie

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! #HighFive

  5. Andy Sydow

    Goddess! Don´t worry so much. I am sure your book is gorgeous! Thank you so much for your inspiring passion. Hugs.

  6. jools

    Congratulations Susannah!

    It´s great to see your slightly teary happiness and so deserved after all the heart, soul and work you poured into YOUR BOOK.

  7. Andrea

    A million YAYS!

  8. Justine

    CONGRATS!!!!! So happy for you :) Going to hopefully put in a pre-order this evening.

    Will your book tour come through Los Angeles, California at all?

  9. MK

    Congratulations Susannah! Though I’ve been reading your lovely posts all year, it’s my first time commenting. I had to beacuse your book is just beautiful. Enjoy every moment of this huge accomplishment. I hope real, hard copy books stay around forever.

  10. Chris Guillebeau


    This looks fantastic.

  11. susannah

    Yes, there’s a very good chance it will :) xx

  12. Maria

    Congratulations, dear Susannah! Big work – big reward. Hope the mail will deliver my ordered copy in time. :-) Applause!

  13. Robin

    CONGRATS!! I co-authored a book years ago so I know exactly how you are feeling! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! xo Robin aka Gotham Girl

  14. Miriam

    Congratulations Susannah! It looks like a beautiful book, you should be so proud! x

  15. judy-sue

    I am so excited for you. How wonderful. Yeah good job.

  16. Danielle

    Congrats! How exciting! Looking forward to owninga copy :)

  17. An

    Yay! Congrats! The book looks just so yummy! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! :)

  18. Sam

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you and thank you so much for taking us with you on your journey!

  19. Alexis Zinkerman

    Mazel Tov! Now, let it fly into the world and help others.

  20. Sue Garrett

    Huge congratulations! cant wait to get a copy…am so inspired!

  21. justine Gordon

    congratulations! that is brilliant. Are you coming to london for your book tour? would love to be there if you are

  22. susannah

    Yes, might do something in London :) x

  23. Catherine Just

    I could feel the emotion coming through in your video and I FELT it. I am SO SO SO excited for you. YOu gave BIRTH to this book. That is what it feels like. But you were pregnant and in labor for 2 years! Now you get to meet the child you produced! ok enough metaphor. I’m just totally thrilled for you. Much love, *c

  24. Rhianne

    It looks amazing, I love that the first photo shows your stamp and the word brave :)

  25. Galina

    Can’t wait to get it in the mail!

  26. Heather

    A HUGE congrats to you! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and soak it in! Looks beautiful, and it’s from the heart and people are going to love it!

    ps: Love the ring!

  27. Carrie

    So exciting Susannah! The pictures of it in your post are gorgeous. I can only imagine what the real book looks like.

  28. Cecilia

    so, so happy for you. congrats!

  29. Christianne

    EEEEEEEEEE!! I am so excited, and I’m going right now to pre-order my copy now that the time is upon us for real!

    I am just so thrilled for you. And I have no doubt that I will love this book. And I’m totally going to do what you said — curl up on the couch with a blanket, my kitty, and a cup of tea or coffee — when I get to sit down and enjoy it. Can’t wait!

    Lots of love and hugs and congratulations to you, beautiful soul.


  30. Julie Daley

    It is beautiful. I am not surprised by its beauty one bit. Congratulations.

  31. Christine

    Wow Wow Wow Congratulations – 2 books in such a short span. You really are an author! Any chance you’ll be coming near Boston, Massachusetts on your book tour?

  32. sas

    video is made of adorable author xxx

  33. Nina

    Congratulations! I will buy it and like it, I’m sure already.

  34. susannah

    Yes, I’ll definitely be in Boston! Xx

  35. Debbie

    I cannot wait to have this book delivered to my door. To feel it. Open it. Read the Table of Contents. And. Then. Start. Reading. Page. One. Your words feel like soothing balm for my weary heart and I look forward to reading about your unravelling journey and using some of your wisdom in my own unravelling journey. Sharing our stories is so very powerful. Thank you Susannah.

  36. Deborah Jackson

    I commented earlier on facebook earlier, but what I forgot to mention was this, I notice you say “I made a book” you did indeed, which is very different from saying “I wrote a book”…I’m so looking forward to spending time with the book you made x

  37. Trudie

    Congratulations, honey! It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling. The closest I’ll ever get to the moment of childbirth, I think!!!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this……..

  38. sarah

    I just pre-ordered my copy! I’m so excited to read it! Having followed your blog for so long, I just know it’s going to be beautiful. I promise I’ll write a review of it for my reviews blog and post it on Amazon and LibraryThing. :)

  39. christine

    When’s your book tour? Please tell me you’re coming to London. I so want to meet you finally. Seems ages since I was on your unravelling class.

  40. susannah

    Bless your heart, thank you love :) x

  41. susannah

    yes, i’m going to try to do something in Londontown – not sure when, though :)

  42. Sylvia

    Oh Woman!!! You are too cute in this video : ) Congratulations again!!! I am so happy for you : * and I cannot wait to read your book soon… ah! and don’t be scared! you know… we already love you and your book ha, ha : )

  43. Shandi

    I’m sure this is going to be awesome! I’m eagerly awaiting my copy. :) Congrats.

  44. Debra

    Now I’m all emotional! Well done you and I can’t wait to make friends with the book. xoxo

  45. amy

    so lovely.. congratulations!

  46. cococita

    I am so happy for you dearest Susannah! Just spread the word in our Unravelling group … :) Enjoy this wonderful and unique feeling! I already know this book will catalyse a change for a lot of women … Looking forward to read you and to treat myself with your beautiful photography! xxx

  47. Susan Bonaci

    Congratulations. I can’t wait to get a copy. Perfect timing that publication date is a day after my birthday! Must order myself a birthday treat. Your blog is so refreshingly honest – cudos to you.

  48. beth

    this is so exciting. i would die to meet you at one of your book signings….well not die, die…but like fall over and let people all around me fret and worry….and then they’d move me to the front of the line because i’d be hyperventilating ….and i’d get to see you in person and hear you in person and look into your eyes in person. can you come to madison, wisconsin? we have a wonderful barnes and noble and an amazing university where i’d write in the paper that all the female students going there need to read this book….oh yes. please come to wisconsin :)

  49. susannah

    Okay, that made me smile :)

  50. jessamine

    Huge congratulations!!! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for making your thoughts into a reality!!!! Oh please book tour here in Maui, Hawaii!!! I’d LOVE that!

  51. alison

    Huge Congrats Susannah! I am so happy for you! Can’t wait to check it out myself, though I do love your video! All smiles for you over here : )!!!

  52. Heather

    Congratulations — and I am so excited for you! I have this on pre-order and am so looking forward to it arriving. It looks luscious and heart-filled! Thank you :)

  53. Josephine

    Yay you! I’m a book designer by trade and this looks like it would have been the dream project ;-)

    I hope you have a fantastic time on your book tour. (I’m guessing it doesn’t include Australia??)

    You’re a talented, thoughtful soul and I bet you’d be a hoot to know. Wishing you the best for the months ahead!

  54. Ellen Bulterman

    So very cool!!! Congratulations!!!

  55. Karen C

    It looks so beautiful. I can’t wait to be able to have a copy in my own hands. Loved the video!

  56. Melissa

    Yay!!! Congrats, Susannah! LOVE it already. Big cheers for you from Malaysia!

  57. Anne Jutras

    That’s awesome, Susannah! So happy for you. :)))

  58. Stephinie

    Ahhhh! You are beautiful. Authentic. Real. I so adore you sweet lady. I’m heading to pre-order as well. Can’t wait to have it in hand.
    Best of wishes~~

  59. Tina Tierson

    I’m so happy for you! And for all of us too! Just pre-ordered at Amazon! Wish I didn’t have to wait until June! Will you be in Portland, OR on your book tour? Hope, hope, hope! xoxo

  60. Courtney Kirkland

    Congratulations! I’ve already preordered both of your books and I’m anxiously awaiting the release date so I can get my hands on them. So very excited for you!

  61. Marisa Anne

    Congratulations!!! It looks so beautiful in every possible way. I can’t wait to get one x

  62. susannah

    Thanks, honey! And yes, definitely coming to Portland!

  63. leoniewise

    So, so happy for you. Can’t wait to hold my own copy.

    I’m going to have to borrow a cat, so I can read it in the setting you have described. It sounds perfect.

  64. Maria-Louisa

    Dear Susannah,
    Congratulations with your book it must be a wonderful accomplishment and feeling. Can’t wait to read your book and do another of your fab e-courses. I love your first image on this blog post, with your book and the pink “brave- year of the word stone”. My word is also “Brave” this year, I am in the middel of packing my 3,5 life in Edinburgh, going on a 3-4 month UK road trip selling and then returning to my home country Denmark, Copenhagen. Weird, sad and the start of a new beginning all over again. This year I also have to see the 2 years work come to life: my product design and our photography bizz. Exciting, so as you this is sure a year to be brave in! I wish you the best of luck with your book and book tour. It will be fiiiine as they say. Cheers, Maria

  65. Marjorie Limbonhai

    Congratulations Susannah!

  66. Joolz Benner

    i am so, so happy for you! watching your video made me smile all over and cry! maybe my hormones too, or just plain over the moon for you :) sending you happiness and hugs x

  67. Jo

    I just laughed my head off through your video :) You’re so funny and so talented and so adorable and I’m SO FREAKING HAPPY for you.
    You crack me up. Love you.

  68. jeanine

    congrats, sus! so happy for you. xoxo

  69. Micala Duvoux

    Oh Susannah, how exciting! Exciting for you for obvious reasons (love the vid) and also for us as we will receive our copies soon. Cup of tea is ready but I must get a cat in preparation. Enjoy the buzz, it’s so well deserved. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful book!!

  70. Helen

    This is so cool, the feel of the book, real, solid and tactile in your own hands. WOW! You must be floating with happiness. Be proud girl, good on you!

  71. alison

    congratulations! this is wonderful!

  72. Anne

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it! It will be wonderul, I’m sure, like everything you do!

  73. Ruth

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it. :)

  74. Melanie Tinken

    Congratulations Susannah! I cannot wait to read this. While sipping my from my magic cup. xoxo Well done! Well Done!

  75. Amanda Chea

    It looks beautiful…I’ve already pre-ordered my copy months ago. Now the trick will be to remember to bring it with me when I roadtrip it from Oklahoma to NC for Squam. I look very forward to meeting you

  76. Jan's camera

    Susannah, the book looks beautiful. How very exciting for you. Congrats. Hope to see you in Boston on the book tour.

  77. Margarita

    Susannah, I’m sooo happy for you! Congratulations! I’ve always admired and appreciated your ability to be so honest and humble. The video was just great! And I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

    I’ll be in NYC in June for the Creative Joy Retreat. Yay! Do you know when you’ll be doing the book tour in NYC? I might try to come earlier to make that. :)

  78. Annette

    Congratulations, Susannah! I’ll admit I got a bit teary too watching the video, watching you announce the birth of your new ‘baby’ and welcoming it into the world. The cover is lovely. Can’t wait to read it!

  79. Angela Vular

    Congratulations!! The cover is beautiful. I can’t wait to get my copy. I ordered months ago and have been waiting patiently. Now I am so excited! I wish you would come to Pittsburgh, PA on your tour. We are very friendly and I feel certain you would love it here. I’m so happy for you!

  80. Kim

    You are such an inspiration, Susannah. The book looks gorgeous and I have no doubt that I will love reading it. Enjoy this moment. You deserve it.

  81. Brandy M.

    I am SO excited & happy for you, Susannah!! Congratulations! I know what you mean about the “good cry” because I accepted a job offer today and feel my life has come “full circle,” finally. Lots of good cries today! YAY!

  82. Marthe

    Congratulations! I’m so excited to read your book! squee! :D:D

  83. susannah

    Congratulations honey!!!

  84. Delia

    as one of your very earliest blog readers & past online friends, i want to offer a *huge* congrats on this! you deserve all good things & i cannot wait for your book to come out.
    love to you,

  85. Marie

    Congratulations! Wow, what a sacred moment. I love how you describe the quiet moment with the book.

  86. melindamelou @ Stupendous Joy

    By the looks of it, there’s lots to love Susannah. Congratulations lovely:)

  87. Mary Murnane

    So very happy for you! What an accomplishment! Congrats! Really looking forward to reading it!

  88. Marija Sagritalo

    I know I am just a stranger, but this made me so happy!! Congratulations. :)

  89. quirky brunette

    You *should* be proud and happy, embrace it! The book looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get my own copy! Having an actual, physical book published in a time when we’re all being pushed towards e-publishing (or so it feels) is a massive, massive achievement. Congratulations!


  90. Tiffany DuBeau

    Congratulations! I cannot wait for it to find it’s way in my hands here in Canada! YAYYYY!!!!

  91. BougieHippie

    Congrats! however I love that ring!

  92. jojo

    so so so happy for you! you really are amazing!

  93. tanya

    giggles, emotions, and a real book! congratulations on this special milestone! you are an inspiration.

  94. michelle

    so happy for you! congrats!

  95. sara godinho

    Dear Susannah,
    Only today i could save some time to see your video and I almost cry of happinness for you!
    Congratulations! You made it! What an accomplishment. Oh please be SO proud!
    I’m looking forward to see it on Waterstones!!!
    You rock!

  96. Melissa Jaine

    You are freaking adorables.
    *big hugs*

  97. David Cohen

    Congratulations! That must be such a delicious feeling to have a real tangible book in your hands and know that you made it, and know that it will soon be in so many other hands that will cradle it with care and affection because of all the care and affection you put inside.

  98. Tara Bradford

    Congratulations, Susannah! Well done, you! So pleased for you. Looking forward to reading the book. Was thinking of you yesterday when looking at a framed photograph you took of the map and little girl’s shoes. :)

  99. hazel

    well done Susannah your book looks amazing, and don’t worry it’s not a dorky video x

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