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An email arrived in my inbox this morning that made my heart burst open. As I’m opening registration for the summer session of Blogging from the Heart this Saturday I thought some of you might like to know more about the course and what to expect, so here’s what Gina had to say about the spring session (reproduced, unedited, with her permission :)

Hello Susannah

Thank you for my experience of Blogging from the Heart. There are a lot of reasons I didn’t start, and then, didn’t continue, blogging ages and ages ago. Through the course, I’ve started accepting that it’s completely fine that I’m not a magic foodie blogger or fashion blogger or make-stuff-out-of-wire blogger. I’m just me, and my online space should be a celebration of exactly that. Besides, sometimes I love clothes AND food, so, you know, WHATEVER!

Looking back through the lessons, some of which shrieked at me immediately and some of which I put aside for later, I’m struck by how neatly you mentioned so many different aspects of blogging – the spirit, the techniques, the content. There’s more than enough in there to get started and going, whether one is a newbie or just a scaredie :)

But two things in particular really stood out. The first was your gentle presence through the course. You came across as a facilitator and big sister and friend rather than as Master Guru And Expert. You’re so far from being intimidating or condescending or hand-holding and I’m sure it is this that draws people to your courses and what encourages us to share and learn and make our own discoveries. Somehow, you strike a great balance between being there, and letting the class hold each other without too much interference.

The second, and I know others have already commented on this, is the community you helped create among the class members. Let’s not kid, no matter how much we may tell ourselves that we’re blogging just for us and don’t need or want another soul to read our words, often we actually do. It’s lonely, very lonely, starting out. And so being part of a group of strangers who willingly take the time to visit our little spaces, and read our words and leave thoughtful comments, is so valuable. It’s warming and encouraging and humbling.

If all that was long and rambling, here’s the essence – I loved it, can’t think of any constructive changes, do it again. And again. On that last point, I’m a little jealous I won’t be able to see all the great blogs your new class members have!

Gina x

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  1. Briana Morrison

    Awww, she said it perfectly!

  2. Katherine Lightner

    Ditto. That is the perfect summation of your wonderful course. It’s like she was in my head and managed to get down in words what I couldn’t.

  3. jojo

    ditto every sentence!

  4. Carol Moore

    What a wonderful testimony of how you facilitate a class. Awesome words sent your way. I can’t wait to take the course but will do it later on as I have a another course coming up real soon.

  5. Beth Pope

    Good words, Gina! I agree whole-heartedly! …Even with the jealousy part ;} ha

  6. tamara

    thank you so much for sharing this. i had already planned on taking blogging from the heart in the future and it’s nice to get a feel for the course through the words of a student. i didn’t realize you were offering it over the summer! wonderful!

  7. Donna

    What she said :)

    Gina says it beautifully.

  8. Marie Landry

    How beautiful. I hope you’re incredibly proud of yourself, Susannah, for being able to help people on their journeys to discover joy, enlightenment, happiness, and fulfillment. I’m working on saving up so I can take one of your courses. The minute I read about them, I knew it was something I desperately needed for so many reasons, and I can’t wait. :-)

  9. Rose Mary Ford

    This is beautifully written. It actually seems to be right from your heart.

    -Rose Mary

  10. michelle gd

    what a perfectly lovely testimonial.
    gina’s paragraph about your presence in this e-course as facilitator, and your ability to strike a balance “between being there, and letting the class hold each other without too much interference”…exactly my experience in unravelling 1 and 2. sounds like this first run of blogging from the heart was a smashing success.


  11. annemarie

    Its saturday afternoon and I’ve been lying in bed with a heavy cold feeling sorry for myself, checking the web and my mail for anything interesting …. which is when I saw registration is open for this new course…. I know how quickly courses sell out so sometimes being sick has its advantages… ;) so looking forward to the course!

  12. Juli

    ditto…ditto…ditto! :) beautifully said, Gina..

  13. Vanessa

    So well said Gina! Amen to all of it!

  14. Kathryn

    oh, the first paragraph speaks to me. thanks for sharing, Susannah.

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