On the shelf

Really fun to find Instant Love in my local Waterstones yesterday — we’re in good company!

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  1. Anthony

    On the shelf or in the shop window? I prefer ‘in the wild’.

  2. Bertrum

    Before I read the words I thought this was one of *your* shelves. I was beginning to think you were secretly less interesting that I’d previously believed.

    Glad to be wrong about that.

  3. Joolz Benner


  4. Angela Vular

    Oh, how wonderful! I can’t imagine how that must feel…..I am so excited for you.

  5. Tiffiny Shockley Jackson

    How exciting!

  6. Eric Luk

    I am Eric from Hong Kong, just brought the book “Instant Love”. What a great book! Support!

  7. Kathryn

    how thrilling it must feel! :)

  8. kelly

    Look at you! Rubbing shoulders with Ansel Adams…

  9. tamara

    so awesome…yes you are in good company on that shelf! and you’re on shelves out here in san luis obispo, california too…i just spotted them at urban outfitters last week. they were out in the midst of it perfectly placed next to a selection of instant cameras. i had to smile when i saw it. {should have snapped a shot for you!} :)

  10. Marianne VanWingerden

    This is awesome! How cool it must be to walk into a store and see your own book! Congratulations!

  11. Brian Kings

    You deserve to be congratulated. What an experience!

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