Something for the weekend

Really honoured to have an article in the spring issue of Somerset Life (with my name on the cover, no less — a first! My journalism tutors would be so proud :)

Mmmm… brocollini salad | a simple lunch | simple bircher muesli

Read this now: Why the world needs more ambitious women

Also: Girls are smarter than boys, so what goes wrong in maths and science?

Love is letting him win even though you know you could slaughter him

It’s time to drop the apologies

Famous celebrities and their cameras

I can’t promise to do this every week, but I made another mixtape for you:

Opening. from Photobird on 8tracks.

In fact, I made two. If at any point this weekend you feel discouraged, down or plain bummed out, plug this mix in (download the 8 Tracks app) and go for a fast 20 minute walk. I’ve been doing this every morning and it makes my legs ache, my pulse race and my heart so much lighter. Try it.

Just bought Paul’s new book: Eat Awesome

It’s hard being two (via Joanna)

Currently reading: Jeanette Winterson’s memoir

The essential Adrienne Rich (also: Bentlily’s new Instapoem Facebook app)

7 ways you’re giving away your power

25 self-care tips for body & soul (via Amanda)

I’m thinking micro gardens are the way forward, non?

And finally, the photo of the week xo

8 responses
  1. patti scanlon

    A cool drawing and painting APP for the iPad is Paper by 53. If you like to mess around with drawing it is really fun.

  2. Carol

    How are you finding Jeanette Winterson’s memoir? I have been tempted to read it myself after reading some extracts.

  3. susannah

    Loving it, but then I’m already a fan :)

  4. ellie

    oh, i love the mixtapes – might you make the playlists for my cafe / bookshop win I open it please?

  5. cococita

    Thank you for sharing all this beauty and inspiration dear Susannah! I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!
    It must be such a stunning feeling to see your name printed on a cover! You go dear lady!
    How about the preps of your book tour? Hope you are enjoying them!

  6. Crystal Heis

    How exciting. I think I’ll run out and pick up a copy of the magazine!!!

  7. Jill

    Really love the mixed tape this week. Thanks much – filled my heart on a lazy, yet swirling thought-filled, Easter Sunday afternoon.

  8. quirky brunette

    This is such a beautiful mix! Never heard of 8tracks before now but am now officially intrigued…

    Thank you!

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