Something for the weekend

Dear World
(via Sas)

Hairy chests i want to cry on

A breath-taking reminder just how gigantic Jupiter really is

[Video] an invocation for beginnings from the awesome Ze Frank

The book of the future (via Sarah)

Invisible crown. from Photobird on 8tracks.

[video] Too much work and still broke?

Why we stay in a relationship (way) too long

Inspiring post from Julie this week: Weaving a new world

Photo of the week

And finally, Instant Love is featured in Mollie Makes this month!

4 responses
  1. christine

    Love the depth of field in the first photograph

  2. Rene'

    I so look forward to your “Something for the weekend” posts. “Invisible Crown.” is an absolutely wonderful mix!! You’ve outdone yourself this time, Susannah. Thank you.

  3. angie

    I’m sat here ‘working’ on a Saturday night (yeah, rock’n’roll, I know), trying to find something to listen to and then I remembered your mixtape thimgumy.
    OMG I love it! Awesome, awesome, awesome – thank you!
    (Please do more – you’ll save me hours of procrastinating on Spotify) :)

  4. Kathryn

    I love the ‘book of the future’, so funny :)

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