A day in Londontown

What’s the true definition of friendship, you ask? It’s when you go to Londontown with friends to see Martha Beck talk at Earls Court, and when everyone in the room has had their book signed, your mate Sas (unbeknown to you) siddles up to Martha and has a wee little chat, which may have included the words ‘my friend Sus wrote a book‘ while giving her a copy. And the very lovely Martha Beck says: ‘ooh good, I needed something to read on the plane to Africa.’

THAT, friends, is true friendship.

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  1. Kimberley

    You had me at that tin with the Queen riding a horse on it. Now, if you, a person I’ve never met, happened to buy that tin for a person who lives on t’other side of the world, who is me, then THAT would be true friendship. No pressure. ;)

  2. Tina Tierson

    Aren’t good friends great??? And Martha will LOVE the book, I guarantee!!! Things are looking up, sweet Susannah, and will only get better with each day! Yay for you and Sas!!! xoxo

  3. Kari Ann

    that’s SO sweet! you are a lucky girl to have such a friend!

  4. leoniewise

    oh yes. shes totally awesome like that

  5. Meg Manion Silliker

    one of these days i must see london. i have a fantasy of moving there. i’ll come sharpen your pencils and load your polaroid!! xo

  6. Paty

    Sus… Sas, Martha Beck, London… what a wonderful day! Treasure it and remember the best moments each time you feel a little low… this post was a a perfect example of “Instant Love”… You deserve many days, all of your days like this one.
    A big hug to you from Mexico.

  7. Melissa Jaine

    Susannah, may I take this opportunity to say thank you to you for ‘introducing’ me (by way of your blog, instagram et al) to the lovely Sas. I *love* her blog, and have enjoyed interaction with her on IG and twitter. I hardly know her really (obviously) but it doesn’t surprise me at all that she did this beautiful gesture. She’s the real deal – as are you.

  8. Meg

    Oooh, London! The city my heart is the closest to.. The very first picture is absolutely perfect!

  9. Roxanne Galpin

    Sounds wonderful!

  10. Marthe

    Whoa, that is so awesome! I bet Martha will love it!

    I met Martha at the Psychologies event at Foyles on Wednesday and she was so adorable. I have learned SO MUCH from her, and I’m signing up for life coach training soon.

    Hope you feel great today, Susannah! Can’t wait to read your book and to meet you in Portland.



  11. bella

    How sweet is that?!! Love that story.

  12. sas

    twas no biggie.
    i fucking love you x

  13. elizabeth

    ha ha ha omg that is AWESOME– Sas is a rock star!

  14. An

    Aww, that’s so sweet!

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