A very special offer for you

* PLEASE NOTE: The pre-order offer has now closed as the class has started. Thank you for understanding! x

So, I wanted to create a sweet pre-order offer for This I Know that would enhance your experience of reading the book. I ummed and ahhhed about making a brand new course, mindful of the fact that time was running out — and then it hit me. I have a beautiful jewel of a course that has been waiting for the right moment to step back out into the light — it’s called Exploring the Senses and it’s a 30-day dive into sensual living.

I think you’re going to love it.

The goal of the course is the renewal of our senses – becoming more aware of them, how we use them and how we can strengthen them. It’s so easy to jog through life with our eyes shut, our ears closed, our sense of smell dialled down to zero, so we’re going to be gently challenging this as we work through the course. This I Know is all about mindfulness, living in the present moment and mining our lives to uncover the truth about the past and our dreams — I can think of no better way to plug into all that good stuff than through our senses.

The course includes many of the exercises and inquiries that have supported me in my healing journey over the years, which is why I knew it would make such a great accompaniment to the book.

There are also interviews with peeps who inspire me, including Andrea Jenkins, Fabeku Fatunmise, Helene Dujardin and Bridget Pilloud. So I hope this sensual journey will be an enjoyable extra layer of unravelling for you as you read the book.

How to get the course:

[info removed — offer now closed]

The book can be purchased online from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Chapters and Barnes & Noble — the books are now with retailers, so you won’t have to wait long to get your copy, I promise. If you found This I Know in a bookstore (yay! real bookstores!) then just send us a photo of the book.


As an extra special thank you, and because a) I strongly believe This I Know is meant to be shared with the women in your life, and b) I want to encourage sales to please my publisher (let’s be honest, here :) if you buy THREE books we’ll sign you up to Exploring the Senses AND send you the Photo Meditations ebook ($150 value – 114 pages of awesome) for free!

[info removed — offer now closed]

PLEASE NOTE: This special pre-order offer will close at midnight GMT on Monday June 4th.

Thank you so much to those of you who’ve already pre-ordered the book! It’s so exciting watching my book baby find her way in the world — with every email I receive from a reader I realise that the book isn’t really about me at all. I mean, I wrote it, sure, but it’s what the reader finds in the pages that’s most important. xx

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  1. cococita

    That sounds great. Unfortunately, the delivery time for Belgium is really long. Are you planning to offer this e-course later on too? As I’d love to read your book and participate but the timing is a bit difficult. Thanks for letting me know, dear Susannah! x

  2. susannah

    For now, this is just a special thing for the book. BUT you don’t need the book to be able to enjoy the course, so if you want to order, you could do the course while waiting for delivery ;) xx

  3. Marie Landry

    This is so generous, Susannah! I’ve been wanting to take one of your courses ever since I discovered your website, so this is really exciting for me. I ordered my book last week and it should be here by Friday (I’m counting down the days…it’s been a long time since I was this excited about a book, and I’m a book blogger lol). I’m going to send my receipt right now. :-)

  4. susannah

    thank you, marie! xx

  5. Francesca

    What if I, as true groupie should, have already bought the book… You know I am addicted to your classes, right (stop me when it becomes stalkery….)?

  6. susannah

    no problem, honey — just send a photo of the book to the email address (or the receipt if you still have it) :) xx

  7. Claire Mahon

    Don’t necessarily believe the delivery times on the online bookstores’ websites – I pre-ordered my copy from amazon.co.uk when it first became available to pre-order, not expecting to get it until mid/late June, and I was astonished to get it in the mail last week already!

    Thanks for the great offer Susannah – my photo of the book I’ve been devouring and enjoying will be on it’s email way to you soon! Congratulations for such a great success!

  8. Claire Mahon

    Sorry, I should have explained – I live in Switzerland! So, I was meaning to offer advice to concocita in Belgium – the delivery times should not differ between Belgium and Switzerland and mine arrived last week!

  9. Debbie E

    Almost done reading it and so can see reading it over and over. Its a really great book and love seeing into your life more and its so warm and wonderful. Sent my receipt and email bought both books. Couldnt resist :D

  10. susannah

    thank you, debbie! x

  11. Wendi Sargent

    How wonderful! I ordered the This I Know today- can’t wait for more Susannah in my life. Loving the Bloggging from the Heart e-course and really looking forward to more incredible goodness. Yay!

  12. Cherylyn

    just sent this via email —-
    Loving your book, I received it last week and I’m almost done. You are right, I’m sure almost anyone who reads it, can relate.
    There are so many times I read a passage, then re read it – thinking, oh my gosh – that is exactly what I’m feeling/doing…
    Thank you for your genuine words and the chance to join you in the 30day e-course.

  13. Magali

    Oh my Susannah! This is so exciting! I was waiting to order your book till I got a coupon from the online store I use, but now I’m gonna do it right away!

  14. Angela

    Oooh cool. I have the book in my Amazon basket already so this gives me the extra kick to check-out soon :-) Thanks Susannah!

  15. Kath


    Don’t forget Chapters (My store has two copies in stock)

    Cheers and congratulations!!!!

  16. Briana Morrison

    I read little bits of your book every night before bed (a great way to end the day!). Last night I read the portion where you talk about how travel (and traveling alone) has become an important thing in your life and it really connected to how I’ve been feeling since our trip to Morocco. Since regular travel isn’t manageable for me right now, this Exploring the Senses e-course sounds like the perfect thing to bring a little of that wonder into my everyday. :-)

  17. susannah

    good point! i’ll add it to the post :)

  18. Kath Stewart

    After tonight there will be only one copy in stock! I’m headed there directly after work ….

  19. Magali

    Done, & sent you the email. :D

  20. Jill

    I bought four more! Wheeeeeeee!!!!

  21. susannah

    No. Way. Thank you, gorgeous! Xxx

  22. Sam Brightwell

    Hurray! Like I needed an excuse to buy the book. This just gave me a reason to do it RIGHT NOW. Looking forward to sharing the experience with whatever group of lovely people sign up to do the course – I’m sure there’ll be lots and lots of us!

  23. Carol Moore

    Thank you so much for the free e-course. I am so excited about it. Haven’t read your book yet but looking forward to the read. You are an awesome person.

  24. Zsofi Jeney-Domingues

    oh Girl, I wanted to wait with the ordering till my birthday but I have to do it now then! The delivery is so expensive to Colombia, but I hope I managed to find a friend who will help in UK, so I will order it tonight and the book will be delivered to Norwich after brought to Budapest by my friend and brought to Bogota Colombia by an other friend who is coming to visit…80 days around the World! ha-ha!

  25. susannah

    WOW! i don’t even know what to say to that… just.. wow! :)

  26. Sandie Cottee

    Thank you so much for offering this course Susannah… I will really look forward to it. Work
    is stressful and leaves no time for thinking so this course is just what I need.
    Can’t wait to receive my book – I have emailed my Amazon receipt. Thanks again!

  27. Melissa Jaine

    Well … that made me buy it, LOL!

    I looked for it on a local bookstore website, but no result (sad face).
    So I ordered from Book Depository – and got Instant Love whilst I was there. (happy face)

  28. Verónica

    You are so generous… This gift has been the perfect excuse to finally order your book and enjoy one of your courses (which is something I’ve dreamt about for quite long time!).

    Thank you, thank you. I just enrolled… Warm regards from Spain.

  29. michelle gd

    more wonderfulness from you…

  30. Silvermoss

    A wonderful surprise! I’ve been meaning to treat myself to this book and this is just the sweetest incentive! Can I ask, I may not always be able to access the net during the 30 day course – how interactive is it meant to be?

    Many thanks for doing this :-)

  31. susannah

    hi honey, all the lessons will be delivered by email, so not interactive at all — but i might create a private Facebook group so everyone can connect (but that will just be an extra bit of fun and not part of the course :) x

  32. Clare

    Hi Susannah, Is there going to be a Kindle edition of the book? Would love to buy a digital version.

  33. susannah

    the word of the street is, yes, there will be :) i imagine it will be available on the publication day — i think amazon controls these things

  34. Silvermoss

    Aw, thank you for the quick reply and the good news! Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get onto any potential Facebook connectiveness :-)

    Thanks again and wishing you all the best with your books – you deserve all and every success :-)

  35. Silvermoss

    Of course, I’d have to actually join Facebook first *trembles* ;-)

  36. susannah

    DO IT!!!

  37. Clare

    Great, thanks Susannah. I may buy a copy anyway – strikes me as a book I might want to read in the bath! :)

  38. Vanessa

    CAN’T wait to get my copy! Well done on all your successes! So well deserved.

  39. Tanaya

    Thank you so much, Sus. I was in your very first Unravelling class and started blogging way back when with you (themad1s).

    You’ve never slipped off my radar, and I’m excited to get the chance to take this ecourse too.

  40. kat

    Thank you Susannah! I just had a copy held at a local Chapters store for my husband to pick up later today. Can’t wait to see it, touch it, and of course, read it.

    Will e-mail you a photo of ‘your’ book for Expoloring the Senses … such perfect timing, as getting in touch with my senses would be oh, so good for me right now. Thank you.

  41. Ginger

    Wheeeeee, my local online store is carrying This I Know (via a US partner, but still).

    That’s all the way down in South Africa!

  42. melindamelou @ Stupendous Joy

    Yippee. Congratulations on your pre release success Susannah. i can’t wait for the book and the course. You’re always inspiring. x

  43. shaina longstreet

    I had it siting in my cart on Amazon and this was the push I needed to purchase. Went ahead and got Instant Love too! So excited! Thanks for your generosity. :)

  44. Ellen Bulterman

    You are such a sweetheart, Susannah. I, too, had the book sitting in my Amazon cart — it’s on it way now! Thanks so much.

  45. Maria

    Hi Susannah,

    Synchronicity abounds! I followed my intuition and though your book wasn’t “in my budget”, I knew I had to order it straightaway, with fast shipping. (I wanted it immediately!) I received it in 2 days through the free trial of Amazon’s Prime Time. Jen’s email endorsement and your video interview inspired me to order it and I’m so glad I did! I wanted to finish it before your Sensuality e-course started and to be ready for the transition I sensed coming. As soon as I ordered it the transition began! For one, I started clearing out the old, room by room. Then a friend gifted me with 16 new crystals. Sensuality plus! Your book is invaluable. I agree with all the endorsements you’ve received thus far and began recommending it to several friends, even before finishing it! When I don’t have time to re-read it, I will refer to all the precious notes I took. (Yes you are unique and memorable!)

    Yes, let’s have a private Facebook page. I also thought it would be fun to mail my sealed letters (from Reflections, Chapter 3) to another reader, and then we could mail the letters back, at some random time in the month, from a new address. Anyone game?

  46. A Garden of Threads

    I ordered your book from Amazon.ca last Monday and it was here the next day, impossible but true. And I was going to wait to read it while doing the course but I opened it and read the first page and that was it. I could not put in down, it took me one day to read it. Susannah it is fabulous, I laughed, cried, cheered and grieved through it. I have never met anyone who see the world the way I do until I read your book. Thank you. Jen

  47. Angela

    Oh, I missed out. I meant to order the books with my gift card, but I literally had a lot of fighting going on here over the weekend and yesterday.

  48. Sheri Zee

    Oh darn! I just found your blog today courtesy of Ali Edwards blog post. But I think I will order your book anyway. It sounds awesome!

  49. margie

    book arrived last night at our chapters. bought it today!

  50. Jen

    Oops… I missed the offer. I ordered on the 5th June, funnily enough, but didn’t see this pre-offer until now. Hope you will run the e-course again soon, and looking forward to the book when it arrives here in Aus.

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