Being two is awesome

His standout list of words/expressions, aged two years and one month:

Mah help? (help me)
Please mummy/please daddy/please shoo-she
Come on mummy
Cup o tee  — he loves tea!
Pe-gin (penguin)
Pappy (nappy)
Nuh nites – going to bed/sleep
Icky yuck
Icky poo poo
I luzz you mummy
Eye luzz you (with sign gestures)
Come on!
Plap plap (clap clap)
One two free – said quickly
Chop chop
All day long – sung
App birth day to shoo
No no (Noah)
Gam-ma (grandma and grandad)
Si down (sit down)
Ready steady go

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  1. Emma

    So much life and love in these beautiful pictures. It’s lovely to capture this age in words too. It will be no time before he’s changed again.

  2. Belle

    Awww… He’s so adorable! I can’t say that two is the best age, but it is magical.

  3. Christianne

    He. Is. Just. Killing. Me.

    These photos are INCREDIBLE. xo

  4. An

    So cute! Love!

  5. Katherine Lightner

    These are just amazing photos. Makes my heart thump and my eyes water. This age is great isn’t it? And how great that you get to share in it.

  6. Margarita

    LOVE the photos! Thanks for sharing them. :) I also love that you record his words. What an awesome idea.

  7. amy

    so beautiful!

  8. Shane

    He looks so cute and adorable. Is he your first child? The photos are great. Thanks for sharing.

  9. susannah

    He’s my nephew :)

  10. antonella


  11. Bethany

    Wonderful photo’s Susannah, your nephew looks adorable, you must be very proud. Love how one of his expressions is ‘chop chop’, that really made me laugh.

  12. michelle gd

    oh, susannah…that list of words…and these photos…melting my heart. i know i’ve written this before, but man, that little guy is so lucky to have you in his life. the connection is beautiful.

  13. Donna

    Pure. Joy.

  14. Stacy

    He’s such a cute kid!!

  15. Colleen Leonardi

    Makes me so happy, this post does. Susannah! You capture the spirit of childhood and aunthood perfectly. So sweet to see such joy and beauty. Thank you for sharing! xx

  16. Marie Landry

    He is just too cute for words! These pictures are so beautiful, so full of life. Our nephews are very close in age (mine’s two years, three months), but mine doesn’t like having his picture taken and avoids it at all costs. He’s a tease, so I think he does it just to bug me, but it drives me crazy because he’s so beautiful and I want lots of pictures! His brother was the same way, but now that’s he older I can bribe him, haha. Have a great weekend, Susannah!

  17. Kathryn

    who wouldn’t love tea?
    gorgeous photos, love the ones of you and him :)

  18. Aline Sena

    Happy mother’s Day!!! :)

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