My top 10 book secrets

1. There is a photo of me naked hidden in the pages.

2. But, arguably more shocking, the word unicorn appears in the book.

3. I hint at both drug use and masturbation. Yep, I went there.

4. I recount the story of meeting my father 16 years after he left our family home.

5. I share how I embarassed myself in front of my poetry idol.

6. I reveal the four words that changed my entire life.

7. I tell you how I really feel about my wobbly thighs…

8. … after sharing the story of my week on a nudist beach.

9. I ate approximately four jars of Nutella (with a spoon) while writing the first draft.

10. The entire canon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer may have been playing in the background while I edited the second draft.

Bonus: There is only one f-bomb in the entire book. I think this shows great restraint on my part ;)


Thank you SO MUCH for all your pre-orders yesterday! Currently This I Know is #7 in Creativity and #3 in Death & Grief on, which is above and beyond anything I’d hoped for this little book. Thank you! xx

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  1. Roxanne Galpin

    I always love the telling of a good secret … and these are great!

  2. Amanda @ Click. The Good News

    So glad I ordered the book- can’t wait to find read all about those great things. I’d love a facebook group to connect with others :)

  3. Debbie in London

    I read the book in one sitting, finishing at about 3am, so was very tired. I did however pick up on all those things, except the naked photo! My eyes must have been half shut.

    A big yes please to the facebook group for the ecourse :)

    Oh, and I think the Nutella and the wobbly thighs could be connected ;) (for me it’s crisps…)

  4. Jill

    Yes, yes to the facebook group–it will be like the most awesome, coolest book club E V E R!

  5. susannah

    they definitely are ;-)

  6. Sandie Cottee

    Hi Susannah

    Yes please – a facebook page would be wonderful. Being part of something makes the experience so much more powerful. I’m looking forward to having contact with other ‘explorers’.
    I posted today about your book and the course:

  7. Katherine

    Hey there!
    I just want to say…I am so proud of you!!
    Yes to the Facebook page.
    Love to you, Susannah!!
    You go, girl!

  8. Alexandra

    Oh, a Facebook Group is a great idea!!!!
    You seem to be full of great ideas, Susannah :-)
    I, for 1, am so grateful that you share them with all of us.
    Congrats on your continued success <3

  9. Heidi Redfield

    Yes I like the idea of a FB group, some for e-courses and one for the book.

  10. Heather

    Yes to the FB group that would be wonderful!

  11. kathryn

    very funny post…you sold me!! will be placing an order…gotta hear all about the unicorn!!

  12. Astrid


  13. An

    LOL! I pre-ordered my copy last week – was already really excited about it, but now I really really can’t wait to dive in! :) xo

  14. Sarah

    I’m finally de-lurking myself to say; all hail wobbly thighs and masturbation! & that I’m LOVING ‘Blogging from the Heart’ Thankyou Susanna! You are a very insightful teacher.

  15. Shandi

    Hi Susannah,

    How about a Flickr group so that participants can upload photos and videos?

  16. susannah

    Hi love, for this course Facebook will work best :)

  17. Josephine

    For what it’s worth, I think four jars of nutella over the whole first-draft is positively austere.

    Well done you. Sounds like a wonderful read and I’m looking forward to it ;-)

  18. Leigh

    I think a facebook group will be great I am loving the group from BFTH we did so yes more fabulous groups please!
    I am a stay at home mummy so any form of adult conversation and connection is fabulous to me :)

    Oh by the way I have not finished reading your book yet (my youngest keeps pinching it from me and trying to read it herself) BUT I simply love what I have read so far, you are an amazing beautiful heartfelt writer.
    thank you for being you.

  19. Ginger

    YES PLEASE for a Facebook group!

  20. Magali

    I am even more intrigued about your book after reading this Susannah… can’t wait for it to reach me. And a big YES to the private facebook group from me.

  21. Marie Landry

    Ooh, I like hearing secrets! ;-)
    I love the idea of a Facebook group – I was thinking yesterday that I wished I’d be able to interact with people throughout the course. Really sad you won’t be at the Twitter party tonight, but I’m looking forward to the course starting next week. Congrats on the success of the book already! Just think it hasn’t even been ‘officially’ released yet, and it’s already doing so well. So happy for you. xx

  22. michelle gd

    these secrets are divine; your book is divine.
    i’m with everyone else on the facebook group. :)

  23. Sarah

    I’m not on Facebook! *sniff*

    I didn’t really want to re-join, but I’d also hate to miss out on what could be a really valuable part of the course. Perhaps I could set up another temporary account? Let me know if you do it.

  24. Nicole

    Facebook group! That way we connect about the book and the course, since the two go well together :)

  25. Adam

    I am incredibly excited to read your book and you won’t believe the hardships I’ve gotten into just getting to the it today at the shipping company! I braved the sweltering heat on my bicycle, couldn’t find the building, the skies opened up and huge drops of rain came tumbling down. Followed by hail. Then the sun went out and I was soaked biking home and getting splashed by cars with the smell of lilacs and robins chirping away. Thanks for the experience!

  26. susannah

    Wow! I’m truly honoured :)

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