Something for the weekend

Haven’t been on the internet so much this week (which is a good thing) but the music never stops playing

Very funny… 28 Days Late made me cry with laughter (via Jo)

How Shakespeare changed everything

On a clear day you can see forever (via Hannah)

Bit obsessed with Ze Frank at the moment

Ditto dating blogs: one | two | three

There’s going to be a supermoon tonight

Things I’m afraid to tell you — lots of bloggers telling the truth = LOVE!

What would your bigness do?

Slowly unravel. from Photobird on 8tracks.

3 responses
  1. Hannah Marcotti

    The tell the truth challenge is calling loudly to me.

    Susannah so excited to have that book of yours in my hands. xoxo

  2. leoniewise

    That reddit link has me and Nic laughing so hard we’re crying..

    Happy weekend friend

  3. mo

    the reddit link is a real gem! i’ve already sent it around to all my movie-loving friends and family so they too can snort soda thru their nose ;)

    wasn’t the moon absolutely gorgeous?

    and, i can’t wait to actually hold your book … soon, sooner, soonest ;)

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