So about that tour…

Lots of you have been reaching out to me wanting to know the dates of my book tour, so I thought it was time to tell you the dealio. I have set tentative dates and am working with some lovely conspirators to set up events, but it all hangs on one very important, essential and, frankly, annoying thing: me getting a work visa. I don’t so much need the visa for the tour but I definitely do for the Creative Joy retreat. Everything was looking good but then we hit some delays…. this is less good. There have been a few sleepless nights over here :-/

The frustrating thing is I don’t see the lines separating us anymore. As far as I’m concerned I live and work in a global community — the UK, America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico… I chat with people from all these places (and many others!) every. single. day. I’ve had peeps from FORTY countries take my e-courses. So for me to not be able to come to the USA and do my thang without a visa blows the circuits in my brain. It just doesn’t compute.

Sadly, that is the way our world still operates and I have to abide by the rules. So as soon as I have the visa I will be booking flights and trains and hotels and will be descending on your shores (if you’re in North America) just as soon as they’ll let me.

At the moment the tour is looking like this:

Monday 25 June –  Boston event (hosted by Susan Piver)

Tuesday 26 June – Providence informal get-together

[28 june – 2 July — Creative Joy Retreat]

Tuesday 3 July –  NYC event (hosted by Monica McCarthy)

[6-8  July – Portland OR – World Domination Summit]

Monday 9 July – Portland (@ Kelly Rae Roberts’ studio – get the details over here)

Wed 11 July –  LA event (hosted by Marisa Anne)

Friday 13 July –  SF event (hosted by Teahouse Studios)

Sunday 15th July – “Books, Boys & Business” — Delicious Food & Conversation with Mati Rose + Susannah (@ Teahouse Studios, SF)

Wed 18 July – Vancouver event

Saturday 21 July – Toronto event (hosted by Jamie Ridler & Tanya Geisler)

[new dates here!]

So these are my tentative dates that we are trusting will happen and are planning towards. If the visa comes through late I may have to do some shuffling and reordering, but I promise I will keep you posted of all developments as they happen.

Honestly, I just want to get on a plane right now :)


The blog book tour continues!

Monday 4th — Poppytalk

Tuesday 5th — Ali Edwards, Chookooloonks, Rachel Cole, Tara Mohr

Wednesday 6th — Shutter Sisters, Scoutie Girl, Roots of She, Kelly Rae Roberts

Thursday 7th — Intuitive Bridge, Lisa Sonora Beam

Friday 8th — Kind Over Matter

Friday 15th — Boho Girl, Sfgirlbybay, Brene Brown

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  1. Lisa Sonora Beam

    Fingers and toes crossed for your Visa to flow with more ease.

    Totally agree about the global connections, and on behalf of the USA I am very sorry we make it so difficult for folks to come in, when we have so much freedom to come and go as we please. Not fair!

    Since I was privy your July SF stop…I’ve just planned a special visit back “home” from Mexico so I can have you sign my book in person.

  2. susannah

    no way!!!! that’s so cool – yay! xx

  3. Melanie Tinken

    Fingers Crossed. SO glad you are coming to Toronto!! I will see you then. Much, much love.

  4. Suzie Lambert

    I saw it! I saw Vancouver on the LIST!!! So flippin excited!!!! WOOT!

  5. Suzie Lambert

    PS, about the work visa? I was born in Singapore, live in Vancouver Canada, hold a British Passport and I can’t get a visa to work for the summer in London! Go figure……

  6. Hannah Marcotti

    Let me know if you need a Providence host. xoxo

  7. Sarah

    How about a book tour in the UK? ;)

  8. Maria

    Hi, Susannah, I really thought that UK citizens don’t need any entry permissions. Wish you good luck. Being Russian I have to receive visas to almost every country , so I applied for visa for at least 20 times and every time it’s the most annoying part of the tour preparation. But they always give visas. I’m sure your tour will be perfect.

  9. Alexandra

    I am so sorry it is so much work and waiting to come to the USA.

    I promise I will be among the many giving you a warm welcome at your 1st event in Boston when the time comes.

  10. Amanda @ Click. The Good News

    Sometimes my country makes me so angry- especially dealing with immigration, travel, TSA, visas, etc it’s just so stupid. I hope you get it all worked out- can’t wait to meet you at the CJ retreat!

  11. Julene

    I hope the work visa gods are listening to our prayers. Super excited that Toronto made the tour list. I can’t wait to meet you in person.

  12. susannah

    i’ll be doing an event in London in august!

  13. Janet Ortega Higley

    will you post more about each event…l.a. location!

  14. Katie

    Oh I really, really hope your visa situation gets sorted before the tour starts – I am so excited at the possibility of seeing you in Toronto!!

  15. susannah

    absolutely — when everything is confirmed i will post the details here x

  16. amanda

    Suzie, I think I know you ;)

  17. amanda

    Let me know if you need any help for Vancouver, lovie! Exciting stuff and I’m sure it will come through in time. Gotta get you to Nth America so I can give you hugs! xo

  18. Trina

    I cannot wait for you to come to Toronto Susannah so I can give you a big hug! :-) If you need any help with travel arrangements let me know, that’s my “dayjob”. tee-hee!

  19. Robby

    If you come to Boston, I’ll try my hardest to make it! I adore both you and Susan Piver, so it would be a pleasure.

  20. trina

    So excited and can hardly wait to meet you in Toronto!! I’ll be there forSURE!!!!

  21. Juli

    Yay!! So HAPPY to see Toronto on the list! Fingers-crossing that all unfolds for you in the best possible way for this tour and the dates, and the retreat..and..and..well, just all of it!!

  22. Roxanne Galpin

    I would so love to see you in Vancouver!

  23. dana

    I have faith the visa will come through, as they always do. Unfortunately, it always seems to be at the 11th hour, but I have resigned myself to believe it is part of the adventure.

    I am incredibly excited to see you in Toronto (and selfishly hoping it is the 22 as I will just be returning to the city on the 21st!)

    see you soon –


  24. Ruth

    Oooh can’t wait for Providence/Boston, hoping all goes well for you :)

  25. Carol

    I have a copy of your book on its way to me. I’m very much looking forward to reading it Susannah :-) I hope that your Visa situation is resolved soon too.

  26. Jamie

    My copy of your book has just arrived and I can’t wait to make myself a cup of tea and go on that journey with you.

    And Tanya and I are both thrilled that your tour is bringing you to us and Toronto! We’re going to have a wonder-full time!

  27. Vicki

    Oh … where in Boston? How bout coming to Worcester, MA :)

  28. katrina


  29. Catherine

    Susannah, for the Vancouver date do you mean Wed July 18, or Thurs July 19? I was in one of your first Unravelling sessions… Would love so much to meet you in person!

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