Something for the weekend

This made me cry: Isaac’s live lip-dub proposal (via Andrea)

Beautful abstract photographs

i plan to visit this coffee shop next time i’m in town (and here when I’m back in London in September)

Joan Didion on self-respect

27 dos and don’ts for being a badass woman

I want this to be my life

The true magic of Polaroid | the keychain iPhone charger

Fliqlo clock screensaver

The intervention. from Photobird on 8tracks.

20 things I should have known at 20

The real girl belly project

Teenage girls’ bedrooms

Have you been watching The Conversation? (I still remember Amanda when she was presenting The Word on Channel 4! And now she’s all grown up. With an American accent.)

Wish I’d been there: Manhattanhenge

Some inspiring Weekends Collected

And finally, there’s still time to join Exploring the Senses! The course starts on Tuesday and is completely free for everyone who buys a book. Thank you thank you thank you for buying my book! :)

10 responses
  1. xanthe

    Oh my goodness now you’ve shared the conversation, how am I ever going to get any work done? xxx

  2. susannah

    I know, right?

  3. Raina

    OMG! I found so much useful stuff in that short post! Thank you tons!

  4. kristen

    taping the conversation each week, it’s a favorite. and manhattanhenge is on my 101 list…i will see it some day. xo

  5. Toni Brown

    The proposal video was so sweet, but oh, Susannah! The Real Girl Belly project is what made ME sob … all magazines, everywhere, TAKE NOTE!!! We. Want. Real. We. Want. What. We. Are. Reflected. In. The. Media. We are so so so beautiful as we are — what are YOU afraid of?!!!

  6. Tina Tierson

    I love the proposal and even more love the fact that most of the participants are part of Third Rail theater group in Portland and that my son, a sound designer, knows many of them, including the future bride and groom! It’s amazing that this video has gone completely viral around the world — just goes to show how people hunger for joy!! Also, sweet Susannah, when you’re in Portland this summer, be sure to go to Stumptown Coffee. I know you’ll love it!! And of course, what more is there to say about the Real Girl Belly project? It made me cry and is amazingly beautiful. Just as you are.

  7. Leonie

    the conversation looks awesome. makes me almost wish we had a telly.

    i have a big list of amazing coffee places i want to take you when you are back in london.

    love your weekly links, always lead me off into wondrous new places

    happy weekend xxx

  8. Jill

    Yay, you watched it! I was right, wasn’t I? I feel so good, part of the most amazing tribe of brilliance and strength when I watch it. And for those who mentioned they wished they could watch it–I don’t have cable either, but watch it online once they post it: On one episode, Sarah Silverman said “The worst thing that can happen for people who don’t want women to be strong is that we help each other and become a force.” Girl power! :)

  9. Annalyn

    You’re so bad, you just made me cry too in that Live Lip Dub Proposal.

  10. Rhianne

    Ohh, I hadn’t seen the Conversation, I’m going to have to catch up with them all now, thanks! I loved the bellies too.

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