Something for the weekend

Intimate self portraits of mother and daughter

[video] Karma, self-doubt & setting intentions

Rice Krispyhenge | London in puddles | hyper-realistic paintings

13 rules for being alone and being happy about it

[a podcast] Sarah Wilson’s thoughts on how to make money blogging

Interview with Rosie Thomas (I love her music)

Cumin-scented quinoa and black rice | rice pudding with strawberries | quinoa & kale tabbouleh

Relaunch. from Photobird on 8tracks.

Stately sandwiches

[video] How we measure the universe

Do these petals make my stem look fat?

The spirituality of tattoos (via Paul)

Proof that sunlight causes premature aging

The arrow of time

Forty is not the new twenty (thank god) (via Helene)

A peek inside the notebooks of famous authors & artists (more here)


And finally, the blog book tour continues!

Monday 4th — Poppytalk

Tuesday 5th — Ali Edwards, Chookooloonks, Rachel Cole, Tara Mohr

Wednesday 6th — Shutter Sisters, Scoutie Girl, Roots of She, Kelly Rae Roberts

Thursday 7th — Intuitive Bridge, Lisa Sonora Beam

Friday 8th — Kind Over Matter

Friday 15th — Boho Girl, Sfgirlbybay, Brene Brown

3 responses
  1. Rachel

    Susannah, thank you for this blessed collection of links to others’ stories and lives. It has brought inspiration and grace to my morning. I look with hope at your book tour schedule to see when you are touring to the Southern Hemisphere : to Aotearoa and some of the beautiful Pacific Islands. You would love it here, and the people would love you in return!

  2. teryll sacks

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Rosie Thomas!

  3. Elizabeth

    Thanks for the 13 rules, wonderful to read of other people with the same habits.

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