Something for the weekend

[video] This is important (so beautifully shot)

How to make a book cover disguise for your wireless router

Flab, cellulite and dangling arm fat

Spicy, irreverent and awesome: Dear Coquette

[video] I’m absolutely loving the GoodLife Project from Jonathan Fields

Thrilled to be sharing a guest post about surviving loss over on the Maven Circle this week

100 things to do instead of procrastinating on the internet *ahem*

Why the 21st century author is an internet entrepreneur

No, we will NOT say “woo hoo” for our “froo froo”

This is brilliant: (via Karen)

We celebrated the summer solstice with letters to the universe sent up in the fire, followed by a steak dinner and too much wine :) I love my family.

The hand drawn map of London

Don’t throw tennis balls at cars

10 fruits to try before you die (yeah… i have some catching up to do)

[video] the making of the Leica M9-P (Edition Hermes)

And finally, the winner of the giveaway is Adrienne! Email coming shortly xo

3 responses
  1. Christian

    Beautiful way to celebrate Summer Solstice. Lovely photos.

  2. Carol Anna McBride, Psychotherapist/Film Instructor/photographer

    Some brilliant articles here! Esp. the piece about Authors treating books as Startups! thanks Susanna.

  3. Nina

    Oh, good solstice celebration! I really want to make the solstices my main ‘holidays’, but it’s hard with such a shortage of traditions to latch on to.

    Couldn’t sit through the whole list of 100 without feeling like I was procrastinating on the internet :-) But recently I used McAfee parental controls to block myself from looking at Apartment Therapy, because I realised that I’d have a much nicer home if I did a bit of tidying/cleaning for even half the time that I’d be spending staring at other people’s houses!

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