The Book Tour dates — updated!

The flights are booked, the venues are being sorted out as I type, and the excitement — and nerves! — in my heart is building. The book tour is ON!

Here are the final dates:

Monday 9 July – Portland, OR (hosted by Kelly Rae Roberts) – FULL!

Wed 11 July –  Los Angeles (hosted by Marisa Anne) – FULL!

Friday 13 July –  San Francisco (hosted by Teahouse Studios) – FULL!

Wed 18 July – Vancouver (hosted by Holly Truchan & Amanda Gilligan) – FULL!

Saturday 21 July – Toronto (hosted by Jamie Ridler & Tanya Geisler) – FULL!

Monday 23 July — Boston (hosted by Susan Piver) – FULL!

Wednesday 25 July — New York (hosted by Monica McCarthy) – FULL!

There are a few spaces left for Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Toronto and Boston [all events are now full] and I’ll share links to the other events on the Book Tour page (—> click on the badge over there in the sidebar) as soon as we’ve finalised them.

All the book events are totally free, so please do come along and have a glass of a wine and a cupcake with me!

Plus! While I’m in San Francisco I’ll be hosting a special day at the Teahouse Studios on July 15th with my friend, Mati Rose McDonough — we’re calling it Books, Business & Boys!

From the Teahouse website:

Join us for a day of nourishing connection, delicious food and candid conversation on some of our favorite topics: books, boys and business!

Both Susannah and Mati run successful creative businesses, have newly published books and have also experienced profound love losses. In the process of building their businesses, writing their books and healing, they have learned some valuable life lessons and have found their way back to themselves.

Now they’re out birthing their books (and beginning to dip their toes in the world of dating) and want to talk about all the juicy details of dreaming big. Plus, it’s just fun to dish about boys, right?

This will be an intimate, soulful and light-hearted day of sharing, storytelling and community. We’ll create a space where we can talk about the real questions in life. We’re all in this together, making it up as we go along and learning from one another along the way. We’ll be available to talk shop, demystify our creative businesses and book-writing journeys.
We’re going to be holding space for 20 like-minded souls to dive into conversation around a table filled with delicious food and a LOT of laughter. You can ask us ANYTHING — seriously!

Andrea and Kelly Rae hosted a similar event in May and we were so inspired we wanted to bring our stories to the Teahouse table too. if you can make it on the 15th I’d love to spend the day with you. Places are limited to 20 so best to register soon.


In the meantime, I’m planning what to bring with me because with EIGHT flights in total over 3.5 weeks I’ve realised checking a suitcase is going to be a nightmare… so I’m only taking a carry-on. This thrills and terrifies me in equal measure. This is where I’m at right now:

You see that teeny tiny suitcase? Yep, that’s what I’m taking. Thankfully, the silver boots are staying at home.

29 responses
  1. angie

    Your case… is it that little red thing on the dresser? I thought that was your lunch box!

  2. susannah

    That would be an accurate description ;-)

  3. tiffany moore | magic maker

    YAY! Can’t wait for all the fun!!

  4. Christine

    yay – signed up for Boston! Looking forward to it….travel safe!

  5. Jennifer

    I cannot wait to see you in NY. :)

  6. Suzie Lambert

    You know, you could always ship your purchases home via snail-mail. It would be like Christmas when you open your own parcels :)

  7. Ruth

    Excited for Boston :)

  8. susannah

    Ive been considering that ;-)

  9. Marianne

    Thank goodness it’s really warm in most of the places you are going! I also buy summer dresses & shoes (which it is never warm enough to wear in NZ) in the second-hand stores here and then leave them tucked in a friend’s wardrobe for next visit.

  10. Meg Roper

    Slightly envious of US based readers…. We should plan your London book tour date!

    3.5 weeks on hand luggage only… completely doable! A limited number of colours & pack a fragrant free bar of soap for hand washing ;)

  11. whitney

    So thrilled to see you in Boston!

  12. Robby

    I’ll be there in Boston!

  13. Julie (VANHEES) Cruz

    make sure you have a sweater or are able to layer… it does get chilly in San Francisco :)

  14. Steph

    Sweetie, first, congratulations! Second, you’ll do great with a carry on because you’re going somewhere in which it’s… you know… SUMMER? You won’t have four seasons in a day while you’re away. Just get yourself lots of disposable anything while you’re stopping over. I did it in Paris years back and it was BLISS. But how about a UK TOUR??? Ahem!

  15. holly

    what about the uk? will you be having a meet up in london? would be lovely to have a chat :-)

  16. michelle gd

    you’re going to rock this…

  17. Patricia

    Cannot wait to hear about the NYC details…I’ll be there with bells on :)

  18. Lindsay

    Hope to see you in New York!!!

  19. Renee Howell

    Oh – have SUCH fun. What an adventure. You go girl!

  20. Angela Vular

    So happy you will be with us in the US! I was so hoping to see you here but I won’t e traveling to LA this summer due to the surgery I just had and recovery. If you happen to be in Pittsburgh (we are close to NYC!) I would be able to make that! Have a great time on your tour…enjoy every moment.

  21. Galina

    I signed up for SF one at Teahouse Studious! Exciting!!!

  22. Katie

    A friend once gave me the greatest piece of advice on packing – pick one solid base color and match everything you pack to it. It’s really helpful when you’re traveling to multiple cities with different climates. You can mix and match and layer.

    I’ll be at your San Francisco stop!

  23. Emmy

    I am so excited for you!, have a wonderful journey!!!

  24. Lorraine

    I was relieved to read that you aren’t packing the silver boots – ha!
    Looking forward to more Toronto details!

  25. Ellie Di

    DUDE. You’re coming to TO – I’m so there, girl! What a wonderful pair of hosts you have, too, I must say. Excitement!

  26. Zsofi Jeney-Domingues

    Ok Honey, let’s say that I can understand the suitcase case from a challenging point of view…but please bring an empty one, you will SHOP, I mean really SHOP…just think about the amount of presents for your nephew ?
    I wish that I can go just a bit to the North and meet you, but this is a selfish point of view. You will meet hundreds of people who are crazy about your work, so just dive deep in the love there and fly safe and update us!!!!
    Oh and a song for you: People always talk about the weather by Yonderboi

  27. susannah

    Luckily there won’t be much time for shopping — or much budget! :)

  28. Fay

    How exciting! I wonder….if you are planning on an event for local Bathonians ?!

  29. susannah

    no, just an event in London :)

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