Boston & Providence

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  1. Robby

    So bummed I had to miss Boston! I was just too exhausted. Come back someday!

  2. Lis

    One of my favorite cities + 2 fav goddesses = virtual heaven on my computer screen.

  3. L. McG.-E.

    Lovely photographs. Your book is so inspiring and uplifting. I am glad your tour of the States is going so well. Enjoy the rest of the trip.


  4. elizabeth

    miss you miss you miss you love seeing my world through your eyes– your gorgeous eyes— can’t wait to have you show me YOUR london!

    xoox, e

  5. Anita Koller

    Love your book! My daughter just purchased a new Polaroid because of you! She’s so excited about using it, but unlike with her film camera and digital she’s being very picky on how to use it. Love her excitement though. Thank-you for your inspiration!!!

  6. alison

    i had a wish to read your book, just didn’t pursue of buying it as i am keeping my spending in check. guess what? my friend came over to my house today with your book “this i know”, i was like omg! i have never spoken to her about you and she just “stumbled” upon your book in amazon, she doesn’t know you prior, and the dots connected. she’s gonna lend me the book and i’m going to read it on the plane to sri lanka in 2 weeks time! yes, your book is in malaysia and going to sri lanka! how cool is that?! :) i’m sure i’ll enjoy it. thanks you for sharing it with the world. xx

  7. michelle gd

    so fun following along on your tour in the u.s. :)

  8. Kelli

    It was so fabulous to meet you!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your tour and are having fun in NY.
    I can’t wait to read about your new adventures when you return home.

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