Day… i’ve lost count.

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  1. Roxanne Galpin

    Looks like you’re having a lovely time! Looking so forward to seeing you!

  2. La plume et la page

    How long do you stay in the United States?

  3. michelle gd

    a happy little peek.
    i especially love the last image…with your reflection in the glass of the framed image.
    hope your days stateside continue to be full of adventure…

  4. Michelle Kroll

    You are loved! What a fabulous way to go on a trip! And receiving all of this love and soul food wherever you go. All because you said YES! to writing the book. You are truly an inspiration Susannah. Blessings to you for continued safe travels.

  5. Sandra Fain

    I want to know how you are making it with just the few clothing pieces in your backpack or did you have to go purchase more?

  6. ~Kristina

    That last image showing your reflection in the glass on the wall is wonderful.
    It looks like your travels are plenty fun.

  7. Jenny

    So jealous, but really so HAPPY for you! Hope you’re having fun and wish I could meet you, too. Gorgeous photos. Love the reflection one (“marisa”).

  8. Charmaine Velasco

    You are beautiful, Susannah. Inside and out. I so enjoyed finally meeting you and chatting with you. Enjoy your tour and your journey! So proud of you. Love, Charmaine

  9. Sue

    Loved meeting you and hearing your stories. You are truly an inspiration. Enjoy the book tour and hopefully our paths will cross at the next book tour. xo

  10. cococita

    Looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy every little nanosecond of it! Can’t believe you are planning to move to London! Would love to meet, one day … xxx

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