I heart Vancouver

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  1. Tosha

    My family and I visit Vancouver very frequently. W live in Seattle and go to Vancouver about 6-8 a year. LOVE it. I’ve been on that exact same beach in Stanley Park….my happy place. So happy to heart it too.

  2. Roxanne Galpin

    It was so awesome to finally meet you!! I had a blast. Perhaps I’ll see you on the other side in the months ahead … :)

  3. elisacanada

    Welcome in Canada ! welcome in my country .
    I am on the other side in Toronto but Vancouver is lovely too.
    Enjoy !

  4. margretha

    Just to say that I love tagging along and enjoy your images and the life and spirit of them :)

  5. Robby

    I’m loving these posts. Can’t wait to see you in Boston Monday night!

  6. Angela Vular

    I am enjoying all the photos you are posting from your book tour….gorgeous sites…delicious looking food…..fabulous women!

  7. Sherry

    Vancouver is a beautiful city. Looking forward to meeting you tonight in Toronto!

  8. Holly

    Susannah, it was such a treat having you and such a fabulous group of people at my studio. It gives me such a thrill to see my face & my studio on your blog that I’ve been reading for years! Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon.

  9. Cat

    I missed you : (

    love and light

  10. Nolwenn

    I missed you :(

  11. Ashley

    Wish I could have made the trip down to Vancouver to be there for your book tour! It’s so nice to see a few faces I recognize in those photos. I hope the rest of your tour is going well!

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