My New York

I’m home now, scanning Polaroids, washing clothes and trying to find my way back into my normal routine. It’s very clear to me that I’ve returned home a changed woman, with plans and intentions that no longer fit my life here in Bath. I no longer fit here. And I had a feeling this would happen, but it’s gone far deeper than I’d ever imagined. I’ve got a lot of processing and preparation to do — the jet lag is not helping, oh my — so I’ll be back soon with more musings, including thoughts on the carry-on experiment which was a resounding success and, quite frankly, life-changing :)

For now, glimpses of my New York shot on B&W Impossible Project film…

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  1. Andrea

    This feels so BURSTING with promise!

    And YAY for less stuff! I feel so liberated in my new loft with NO closets and getting rid of everything that isn’t absolutely a perfect fit for me.

  2. Sherry

    Life changing journeys can happen with travel, or sitting in the same place you’ve always been. But there is no question that the ones that happen because of travel are so much more eye opening. It means there are new frontiers for you to blaze into and create for where you are “right now”. xo

  3. Lisa Gordon

    Surely I am biased, but there is no city more wonderful. Welcome home Susannah!

  4. xanthe

    Oh my goodness, these images are gorgeous! All the best with this transition xxxx

  5. Jade Sheldon

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…

  6. Sarah Salway

    THis is all beautiful. As are you x

  7. Catherine

    Last year when I went on holiday I only pack “enough” clothes. Really, really made me realise how much stuff I own I actually don’t need…

  8. Ashley

    These photos are gorgeous! I think the one with the bikes and the last one with the viewpoint are my favorites. I can’t wait to hear about your carry on experiment!

  9. Meg Roper

    A sea change… I look forward to reading more about the next phase. Enjoy the process, enjoy the purging of stuff, enjoy the letting go of the old and the welcoming in of the new.

    If I had carte blanche like this I know what it would be: very little stuff; rent a houseboat on a London river or canal; breakfast, lunch, dinner & warm nights under the stars, cold evenings by the wood-burning stove…

  10. Meg Roper

    PS – gorgeous photos. Is this the new PX100? I hear the Impossible Project film is improving so have just indulged in an order.

  11. antonella

    Love all of them, especially the one with the David wearing a striped pyjamas! Is that the Village in the third last?

  12. Kelli

    These are fantastic! I’d have a hard time picking a favorite – I love them all.
    Hooray for you with your carry-on experiment success! I am not a fan of packing, and always overdo it.
    Life changers, while scary as shit can be quite good. If anyone can do it, you can!

  13. barbra ziemer

    love TIP, great photos!!

  14. Kerstin

    LOVE that first photo, I think that is one of my all time favorites, the way you caught the light is stunning! This seems to be the year of big transitions for us Aquarians and I can’t wait to read more about your move to London and how life will continue to unfold for you. xo

  15. Gerri Smalley

    Susannah I love the B&W images from your trip! I’m using your carry-on post as a guide to pack for our upcoming family road trip. If you can do it for 3 1/2 weeks, I can do it for 1 1/2 weeks. Wishing you well as you figure out life’s next steps. xxO

  16. Alicia

    I too am excited to see the growth that you have gone through! All of these risks and so much return. Really great to witness. So looking forward to following your journey through the next steps! xoxo

  17. Missie Sue

    What beautiful, dreamy pictures. And isn’t it strange how travel encourages you to pare down and simplify? I’m moving in a week, and I find myself really having to evaluate what is actually important to me.

  18. susan

    gorgeous ! gorgeous !

  19. Stacy

    Lovely…. words and photos. And I almost mistyped and said “lively” which also applies I think!

  20. michelle gd

    these polaroids are fantastic!
    wishing you ease as you transition back into home…and will be so curious to follow you along as you continue your journey…

  21. Anne Jutras

    I’m in love with your photos. They are so so beautiful! They also have a soul… I’m exciting for you and looking forward to following your journey through the next steps! xoxo

  22. Becky

    Wow, these look beautiful! I just about was laughed out of a camera shop the other day when I asked if they happen to carry Impossible Film. Ya never know!

  23. Ellie Di

    It’s pretty incredible, isn’t it? The ways in which we change, even when we expect it. The feeling of no longer fitting and being too big for your old life is bittersweet, I’m sure. But it’s an exciting adventure, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it unfolds for you. <3

  24. Kathryn

    love all your travel post as far, Susannah. Looking forward to your musings. :)

  25. Roxanne Galpin

    Love these. So dreamy …

  26. Katrin

    Good to have you back here in good old Europe! Welcome!

  27. Sabine

    beautiful photos, Susannah. love how you look at things through your camera. I’m not a big fan of black and white pics, but these are just wonderful and inspiring!

  28. Rhianne

    I’m so glad you can share your polaroids again, I’ve missed seeing them and these are just gorgeous!!

  29. Robin

    So happy you enjoyed my city! I so love it here! My dream come true!

  30. Angela Vular

    Absolutely love the photos…b&w are my favorites. Glad to hear your travels went well. Get some rest!

  31. Sharon Harkness

    These photos are very beautiful and moving and have a very different feel from any of your other work that I’ve seen. Sophisticated and magical combined. I am so inspired Susannah. What an exciting time this transition is.

  32. Allie

    Lovely! I especially love the bikes. I’ve been shooting with Impossible B&W as well recently. Even with the dial turned all the way to the dark end, they are still slightly on the overexposed side sometimes. Do you use some sort of filter with your SX-70? Thanks for sharing these – I’m inspired to continue my mindful B&W compositions to finish off this roll. :)

  33. L.McG.-E.

    Stunning images. Just wonderful. So exciting for you to be looking forward to new horizons and adventures.

  34. Maria

    I know how it feels. I come from a very small town and living in the city changed me. I just quit my job in the city in order to travel, and went back to my small town. Am still waiting for my travel documents which I feel will never come. I don’t feel like I belong here anymore, then I’m not sure if I belong to the bigger world. A question of home still without an answer.

    Lovely pictures. Stirs up something in me. You do them great. :)

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