Oh, New York

Click to see the group and the storm photos bigger

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  1. Magali

    These look so fabulous, Susannah. I will go someday I’m sure :)

  2. Gerri Smalley

    I’m in awe at your bravery… Wow, been following your travels and thinking of you. Amazing, amazing, amazing… xxO

  3. Anita

    The picture of the painting and the people sitting under it is just brilliant! Yes…I noticed it. Worthy of being in a table book. I love the irony of it. Great work!

  4. michelle gd

    i have so loved following your visual adventure abroad. thank you for sharing yourself with us in this way…such a treat to see things through your eyes.
    {welcome home, xo}

  5. Angela Vular

    Gorgeous photos! I love the storm photo and the one with the painting! Thanks for sharing!

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