So this is happening…

This carry-on experiment is either going to be the best thing I’ve ever done and will convince me to halve my possessions when I get home (which will be timely as I’m moving back to the big smoke in September), or it’s going to be a very frustrating 3.5 weeks.

I’m taking:
5 dresses
1 pair of jeans (wearing on plane)
4 T-shirts
1 shirt
1 pair yoga pants
1 pair linen pants
1 wrap skirt (10 years old and still going strong)
1 long cotton cardigan
9 pairs of knickers
3 bras
3 pairs of socks
1 nightshirt (for when staying with friends, otherwise wouldn’t bother)
1 shoulder bag
1 scarf
1 pair trainers (wearing on plane)
1 pair flip flops
LOTS of jewellery

1 washbag filled with a million tiny (and useless, let’s be honest) travel-sized beauty products
1 travel hair brush (surprisingly effective)
1 electric toothbrush
1 Moleskine (soft cover) + pens
1 rubber stamp + 3 ink pads
A zillion recharging cords (so annoying)
1 Kindle (i take it all back!)
1 iPod
1 iPhone
1 SX-70 Polaroid camera (+ 15 packs of film
1 laptop
1 copy of my book, which i will give away in the first week as it’s just too heavy to cart around
1 small make-up bag filled with make-up

Several raw fruit energy bars + a bag of brazil nuts
10 earl grey rooibos teabags
1 jar of multi vitamins
1 bundle of nerves
15 handfuls of excitement

Only a few tickets left for Vancouver | Toronto | New York City

See you on the other side! x

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  1. NathalieSo

    Don’t forget the passport and tickets ;)

  2. Alli

    I can feel your excitement – good luck :-)

  3. Catalina

    :) :) :) so exciting Susannah!

    I would leave the food and tea bags -maybe just one for the plane, because it’s use to be awful- you may get them there..) and customs in United States are picky about food…, no vitamins, just eat.

    would change the electric toothbrush by a small one (you may survive this for few weeks ;) )

    no Kindle, grab a book at your friends, you may be surprised!

    IPod and Iphone are almost the same..for music use your Phone

    I would add a digital camera though…

    and you forgot to tell that you will carry as well all your magic, kindness, and wonderful you!

    I’m sure we are all going with you in a way, supporting you and keeping company whenever you need it
    ah! (if when in Vancouver you are at the corner of Hastings street and Mac Donald’s Avenue, there is a fountain there with a Mosaic : a tree looking North to the Mountains, my husband and I, we are represented there between the branches, (look for a star), it was a community project, we used to live in Vancouver 8 years!)

    have fun! all the best! XX

  4. Toni

    Have a fantabulous time Sus! I so wish I was in the US :)

  5. valeri blossom

    yay! so exicting – your packing list reminds me of eat/pray/love and i think you’ll be fine for the three weeks, you did a great job paring down to essentials. i wish one of your stops was close by but it will be fun to see your updates from the “road” ;)

  6. cococita

    All the best Susannah! Looks like you packed very efficiently! Can’t wait to read about your book tour adventures! Have a great time! I am sure you will meet a lot of lovely people and it will be an unforgettable experience! xxx

  7. Helen

    Congratulations on getting all this in the carry-on – a great example to the rest of us. Glad to see the Kindle in there too, travelling is when I use mine most. Have FUN!

  8. Sherry

    Such great organization…you’ve got everything covered. Looking forward to meeting you in Toronto!

  9. Vanessa

    wishing you a magical journey! Just finishing off your book and I loved every page. You are a true talent. Have a fantastic time. I wish you were coming to Florida!

  10. Linda


    You are truly inspirational!

    Sounds like exciting and life changing times are ahead – a breathtaking, whirlwind book tour to celebrate your immense achievement AND a move back to big bad Londontown!!

    Hope you’re thoroughly chuffed with yourself for putting yourself out there and being brave. Need to channel some of that myself!

    Enjoy yourself lady and stuff the fruit bars. Order something fizzy and decadent on the plane! :-)

  11. Tracy

    Hi Susannah! I’m coming to your event in LA and I’m so excited! I took your ecourse in 2010, and am on my second reading of your beautiful book, “This I Know”. Safe travels!

  12. Robin

    Keep in mind it’s hot all over the USA except for the Portland/Seattle area at the moment! Also, don’t think I saw an umbrella? I agree with Catalina…ditch the electric toothbrush and take a regular one. They are way too much trouble traveling. Have fun!

  13. Robin

    Also, make sure you know your weight limits even with a carry on…some airlines have restrictions. I learned the hard way.

  14. Anne-Marie

    You’re a brave woman, Susannah, to pack this lightly. Looking forward to meeting you in Vancouver. Safe travels, great adventures.

  15. nova

    I *love* traveling out of a carry-on. It feels so light and free. And there’s something about the process of packing too that’s so much fun; it’s kind of like a puzzle.

  16. Zsofi Jeney-Domingues

    Maybe vacuum bags would be a good idea for your chlotes, if you are always staying with friends and you can grab a hoover when you are repacking.

    Have an inspiring trip, people will start to ask soon about the second book! :-)

  17. vivienne

    I bet you won’t regret it at all…I’ve been obsessed with packing light and even then I find I don’t use everything I bring (and just make sure I can do laundry somewhere in the midst of the trip).

    Looking forward to getting to see you later this week in Portland and at your Vancouver stop too!

  18. mo

    good luck, have fun, travel safe, meet new friends, enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! wish you were coming here too ;)

  19. Rae

    I am so excited for you!

  20. Allie

    oh yes, this is the way to travel. you’ll be great.
    …& who makes the earl grey rooibos tea? those are my two favorite – never thought to pair them though.

  21. Carol Anna McBride, Psychotherapist/Film Instructor/photographer

    Wonderful and inspiring! One thing I do to avoid boxes/containers is to use ziplock plastic bags (for tea bags, vitamins, etc) as they squish up nicely and customs can see immediately what’s in them! Wishing you a fabulous book tour – alas, I’m in Mexico when you’re in Toronto – but some day we will cross paths! Beautifully exciting for you! xo carol

  22. Susan

    I am traveling across the US to visit with a friend in October and am already thinking about what I will need to bring. I am looking forward to reading about how things work with your pared down travel items. Love the list, I may just copy and paste it for inspiration. Enjoy your adventure, I’ve truly loved your book and I know that this journey will be more amazing for you than you could anticipate.

  23. amy

    Well done. Hope you have a fabulous trip. I’m encouraging a friend in Toronto to come if she can.

  24. Terri Sterk

    I finished your book this morning and logged in to check on your tour. The book is amaaaazaaazing! I had enrolled in your Unraveling class twice, and still never finished the process. And, now I know why. I’ve been on my own journey after my mother’s death, and my job loss, and just wasn’t in the “right” place to begin the unraveling process. I’m ready to begin again!!!

    Travel safe and enjoy your travels in the USA! Welcome to you!

    Terri Sterk
    Johnston, IA

  25. Nina

    Well, I think what we really need to know is exactly how you’re fitting all of that into one small bag!! My sister and I have contemplated wearing all our clothes at once to travel in… Have a wonderful trip!

  26. Ellen Bulterman

    I’m quite impressed with your packing –nice job! Have a fabulous time!

  27. Catherine

    Clearly its summer over there – no warm sweaters! I’m still astonished that you can fit all that into carry on luggage.

  28. Alexis

    leave the food and teabags they will confiscate them at the airport.

  29. sharon

    Love how you’ve pared down your list but I’m worried about your shoes-since you’re going to some pretty hip cities-I think you need a fun pair of dressier/go out/sassy shoes! Wish I lived near one of the stops on your tour-loved your book and bought one for a friend who also loved it!

  30. susannah

    luckily i dont wear heels — flip flops are for the evening too :)

  31. susannah

    didn’t have a problem

  32. susannah

    did that before and ended up with sore gums, so my electric toothbrush is my one luxury :)

  33. Mariella

    sounds like a reasonable plan! I also became drastic in cutting down my possessions when it comes to travelling. Such a wonderful feeling, the freedom of travelling light!

  34. Roxanne Galpin

    Enjoy! You’ve certainly earned it!

  35. Roxanne Galpin

    Just got me a ticket for Vancouver. Flip flops and yoga pants will suit you just fine in Van. Looking so forward to seeing you. Hoping to get my hands on a copy of your book before then!


  36. JoAnna

    How did you make out, Susannah? I travel all the time with a single backpack, and I still feel like I overpack. I’m not sure if you’re back yet or not, but I think you’ll be surprised at how little you need to pack, even for an extended trip.

  37. Gem

    Hi Susannah,

    I remember reading this post before you went away and thinking ‘this will come in really useful one day…’ and it turns out next month it will! – So thank you! :)

    I am off on a road trip for 2 weeks starting in Las Vegas, and heading up to Utah and then Arizona. (So exciting!)

    I haven’t been to the USA before and your post really has inspired me to cut the cr*p and travel with just a carry on and my handbag. Slightly scary, but an exciting challenge.

    Thanks ever so.

    Gem x

  38. Gem

    P.S: Were there any adjustments you’d make to what you packed? Thank-you!

  39. phoebe

    I always travel with way too much stuff, most of which I never need or use. You have inspired me!

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