The last stop

Wanna take an August Break with me?

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  1. Sherry

    One of my favourite cities. It has been so refreshing to see each of the cities on your tour through your eyes and your lens. Safe travels home. xo

  2. Robin

    So happy you got to enjoy MY city! Sorry to have missed your event, as I’ve been in the Sonoran desert in Arizona this month…another area you must see! Really enjoying your book!

  3. Sabine

    Lovely photos, especially the one with the old couple dressed in white :) too cute.

  4. elke

    i sure do want to take an august break with you! can we do it in london please…. sad to see you leave the usa~ but excited to see what lies ahead for you. much love, elke

  5. L.McG.-E.

    Absolutely wonderful images, they so conjure up the city and your time there.

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