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One of the gifts of the book tour was getting to spend time with some of my dearest friends and deepen my connections to pals I’ve made online. We talked about life and work, mused on our plans and dreams, and made space for plenty of laughter and gossip, too. Nothing unusual about any of that, for sure, but what was most interesting — and useful — to me was how often the topic of dating came up. In my “real life” at home I have no single friends — everyone I love and trust is coupled up with a significant other. Literally, everyone. So to be able to talk with single women about the twisted path we have to traverse to find love was so… fantastic. Liberating. Galvanising. Life-changing.

These women were aged from 29 to 49, so I’m not just talking about chicks my age. I got to hear about so many different experiences and peek in on so many different viewpoints. Earlier this year I dipped my toe in the online dating pool and found the water far too chilly for my nervous feet. But here were these amazing women boldly swimming in the water, surfing the highs and holding their breath for the inevitable lows. With every conversation I felt more excited to don my water wings and get back out there. Because it wasn’t just me who struggles with all this. They all do. And they are still trying, and hoping, and keeping their hearts open to the possiblity that someday somebody wonderful will walk into their lives and make the twisted path make sense.

Three and a half weeks away from home was enough time to cut the ties to this town. Living out of a small suitcase reminded me that home is not the place I live — it’s a feeling I carry inside me. Soaking in the energy of every city I visited made me more and more excited to take the leap to the place that has been calling my heart home: London.

So I am back in Bath, but it’s not for much longer. I’m currently down-sizing my possesions, letting go of anything I no longer need. My book collection has been reduced by three-quarters; 80% of my cameras will soon be listed on eBay. I’ve given away furniture and clothes. I’m working my way through every cupboard and shelf, editing my possesions down to the things that i absolutely love, absolutely need or absolutely can’t get rid of just yet. My college dissertation? Gone. The knitted cat my mum made while pregnant with me? She stays :)

This is the third time I have declared I’m moving to London on this blog. This is the first time I have been truly — TRULY — ready. To me, London means expansion. It means stepping into the life I want, the bigger, braver, bolder life I am ready to inhabit. And, frankly, it means being in a place where there are more boys to meet. Because, hey, that’s important too. Bath has been beautiful to me and I will always come back to see the magnolia trees bloom in the spring. But it’s time to move into the next chapter and there’s much to do in preparation. As I’ll be out of the country for much of October I have set my moving date to the first week of November.

It is done.

And, honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Or more ready.

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  1. Sherry

    moving. moving forward. with an open mind, a light load and an willing heart…it’s going to be everything you dreamed of and hoped for. xo

  2. Bella Moon

    Sending you so much ? towards the closing of this chapter and your next adventure. Thank you for being an awesome example of awesomeness.


  3. celine

    ah thats lovely, it must feel so freeing to downsize and move on like that. Really exciting times for you! though do let us know when you’re selling your cameras, i know a good home! ;)

  4. rachel | buttons magee

    good for you susannah. I am here to say that stepping into the unknown…moving somewhere completely fresh is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

  5. Tina Tierson

    Sweet Susannah, I’m so happy to know you got so much out of your book tour! I can’t begin to tell you how much I got from meeting you and exchanging hugs! As the date of my son’s death is coming up in October, I’m even more glad to have the gift of your own grief experience so beautifully expressed. You’ll never know the extent to which it is truly a gift!

    You do sound truly ready to make the move to London and continue on your amazing journey! I’m not moving, but am in the process of trying to down-size a bit as well. I’m trying to follow Courtney Carver’s wise advice to Be More with Less. I hope to have much of that done before I take your Blogging From the Heart course next month. I, too, feel like amazing things are afoot! Much love and many hugs!

  6. La plume et la page

    A big step for a new life. Congrats! It’s good to move sometimes…
    (Did you find a loft yet?)

  7. Michelle Kroll

    Be sure and list your auctions here or somewhere. I’d love a hand-me-down.

  8. Gennifer

    I’m so excited for you! Good luck!

  9. Anne-Marie

    Good for you Susanna. It is a daunting experience and you may wonder “what the F…k!” And then something out of ordinary happens and you say “God Wink.” God Winks are extraordinary coincidences. Go forth. I did it earlier this year. I wasn’t too sure and I was Totally like a robot in my movement. This summer has proven that it was a good decision. I’ve loved the freedom the move has given me. London. Ah, such a beautiful, vibrant and colorful place. Vancouver is almost like it! You have been an inspiration to me since I read about you through Brene’s blog. Enjoy. Have fun. Live! Xoxo

  10. Marianne

    Yes! I can’t wait to come and stay with you in London (and I like very much those two examples of shedding and keeping, it took me far too long to let go of my university dissertation, and a cat knitted by your mum should always stay!)

  11. Angela Vular

    How fabulous to start a new chapter of your life in a gorgeous city! Oh and down sizing…..something I need to get back to this fall. Letting go, feeling light, and breathing deeply is what I am aiming to do also! Best of Luck on your move….it will be fun to hear about your new adventures in London town.
    By the way…please do post your cameras here or shoot me an e-mail with prices. I would love to buy one.

  12. Anne Jutras

    Oh, I’m so happy for you Susannah! All the best to you! :) xx

  13. Gerri Smalley

    Whoo Hoo!!

  14. justine Gordon

    I’m so glad that your book tour was such a success and that you have made all these ground breaking decisions, where are you moving to in London? I am in Fulham if you ever want a cup of coffee. Can let me know when you sell your cameras or the link? would love to buy!

  15. Babu

    Godd luck on your journey!

  16. Melanie

    Great to read your blog Susannah and hear about your imminent London plans. I am mid-way through a house-cleanse and a trip to the tip yesterday, charity shop today leaves more space, less clutter and amazing how much stuff I no longer need.

    Good luck with your next chapter, your book arrived yesterday so this weekend I have a date with a deck chair in the sun and am really looking forward to reading it. It is a gorgeous book and one I won’t be giving to the charity shop

  17. Meg Roper

    Bravo…. And good luck, beautiful bold lady!!
    I am in the midst of a major purge of stuff too… for different and the same reasons. And you know what, this might be the kick up the backside I need to put my dissertation in the recycling bag too!

  18. Catherine Denton

    How exciting!! I can only imagine how exciting it would be to live in London. So happy for you. :)

  19. xanthe

    London is waiting with open arms… Lunch & a photo walk when you’re ready xxx

  20. L.McG.-E.

    Wonderful. Good for you moving forward.

  21. Alicia

    Wow that is awesome! Congrats on being brave!

  22. angela

    Hello! I write to you from Utah! I had the opportunity to visit Bath and London two years ago and I was blown away by the beauty and charm. Good luck on your next move!

  23. angela

    Hi Susannah,
    I write to you from Salt Lake City Utah! I have visited your hometown of Bath and was blown away by its beauty, but I appreciate the allure of London too. I love your posts!

  24. elke

    lovely sharing boy talk with you…. and just spending time with you, you radiant graceful soul. beautiful words and images~ as always. xoxox

  25. Zsofi Jeney-Domingues

    I started to follow your blog some month after that I visited Bath with my family. I felt in love with its charm and it welcomed me with open arms, the corners the trees the cathedral was really talking to me. I clearly remember the lights passing through the sky there. After a while I did the Unravelling with you and since that time I was always dreaming return back to Bath – which has to definitely happen once – and I also added you to this dream. Just accidental meeting you in a cafe and chatting while we finish our latte. I am sure that I will be again in London earlier than in Bath, but it will be way more difficult to imagine crossing your ways :-) I will try and I am wishing you all the best for the moving.

  26. Polichronis Moutevelidis

    absolutely great !! i like it :)

  27. Veronica Armstrong

    Best of luck! So courageous of you. We are moving to London (probably Notting Hill) in three months and staying for three months. If you ever decide to offer the in person mentoring im so there. Also I hope you share the ebay link when the auction goes live.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. Makes me feel a little less frazzled knowing someone else is shedding everything to make their way to London xoxo

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