Freshly squeezed

The colour in these two Polaroids describes my experience of San Francisco perfectly. A vibrant, juicy, delicious city. Love that place… and the people in it.

For Roid Week, Day Two… and the August Break.

5 responses
  1. La plume et la page

    Perfect colours for the August Break!

  2. michelle gd

    so vibrant and delicious…they hold such energy!

  3. Jennifer

    We love you too Susannah!

  4. Paula White

    I love the light in that second shot! See I noticed and am learning from your course :)
    I continue to read your book and savor the words that often nourish me. Posting about a couple.
    Thank you for being willing to be vulnerable.

  5. india flint

    San Francisco is the only city in the whirled i would contemplate living in…which says a lot for a hermit-like rural dweller!

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