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Something I’ve been pondering lately is how to balance my publically viewable life (ecourses, blogging & now a book) with my private life (everything else). How do i give as much of myself as I can — for that is what I feel called to do — while also maintaining some boundaries? At a couple of the book events last month I was asked how I felt about sharing so much of myself online and in a book, and my answer each time was this: there is actually a LOT that I don’t share. I don’t know why i feel so comfortable sharing the way i do here. I don’t mind talking about PMS or grief, or whatever I’m chewing on in that moment. I like to share the realisations i have as i really value when other people share the same, so i hope that whatever I’ve realised will be helpful to someone else experiencing a similar situation. I guess being able to write in such an open and expressive way does make it seem like i’m spilling my guts all the time, but in all honesty there’s a lot I keep to myself. I mean… of course, right? If i shared the minutiae that fills my head you’d all have switched off by now :)

I talk about setting your own personal boundaries as a creative blogger in Blogging from the Heart. I think it’s important to know what you are willing — and not willing– to share online. For example, I decided early on that I didn’t want to share details of my relationship with my love, that i wanted this blog to be a chronicle of my new life rather than a memorial to the past. When i’m in my next relationship I will no doubt have new boundaries to define, sharing my experiences in a way that respects the privacy of my new partner. It’s all down to personal choice and your own comfort levels, another reason why I love blogging so much — we set our own rules!

The other side of my online existence is my business. It still blows my mind that i even HAVE a business, because that was never my intention. In fact, I don’t really see what i do as a “business” at all. I see it as another part of me, one that’s so integrated into who I am and how I feel I find it hard to separate the two. It’s amazing that we are living in a time when people like me, someone who had no biz skills whatsoever (i’ve had to learn the hard way) can find a way to pay her rent with the power of her MIND. Because that’s what it feels like sometimes. Sharing knowledge and experience is such a time-honoured profession, and add in the internet and shazam — a whole new way of working has been born. Online biz is all the rage these days and I say hallelujah to that — so many people, women especially, are finding ways to support themselves using their talents and strengths. It’s exciting new ground, and I’ll admit I have days when i worry it will all fall away and I’ll be completely stuffed, but for now I try to trust that if I follow what feels true to me — sharing what I know, working with absolute integrity always, being of service — then I’ll continue building something that has value in the world. This is my hope and my intention.

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  1. Ellie Di

    This is BRILLIANT! Stepping into the coaching waters can be a terrifying move, but it sounds like you’ve done the requisite soul-searching. I love that you’re so up front about your personal energetic boundaries and are open to the shifts that will inevitably come. You’re gonna rock it. <3

  2. Catherine Denton

    This seems like a natural step with you. You’ve always been willing to share your heart and this feels like an extension of that. I’ll be interested to hear more. :D

  3. Sherry

    I like this step forward Susannah…it makes a great deal of sense. All the time you spent sitting with so many women individually and talking, sharing or bonding and I believe each person felt it wasn’t enough time. You have something to offer one-on-one…it just makes sense.

  4. Gennifer

    I LOVE this idea! You are amazing!

  5. Jet Harrington

    You’ve found a way to pay the rent with the power of your MIND, and that is brilliant. I think what really makes it work, is that you have harnessed it with the courage in your HEART – that is your super-charged springboard. Congratulations on finding new ways to challenge and share yourself. This is an exciting prospect.

  6. Cat

    love and light

  7. Meg Manion Silliker

    fantastic. truly. xo

  8. valeri blossom

    what a great post! while reading your book, i feel like i connected with your honesty and truth-seeking/truth-sharing but never once thought, oh, now i’ve got the whole picture. i also share a lot on my blog – probably too much as my few readers are often very very quiet after a particularly loaded post that took a lot of emotional balance to write. i think i scare people or they just don’t want to hear about my issues or revelations when they’ve got their own and the artgirl blogworld seems to flourish in the positive, light-hearted, and inspiring – three things of which i am not, constantly.

    i don’t know when i’ll be in a financial position to have an hour of your time but i know it WOULD be better than coaching or therapy so i put my info down because i’m interested in hearing more about the possibilities <3

  9. Anne Jutras

    Oh, that sound so exciting! I love the idea!

    I’m French and sometime finding the right words in front of a person can be daunting, for me anyway… and maybe for other people also.

    Could it be possible to write the questions and you could record the answer in a podcast? This is only a suggestion. Let me know what you think.

    I will add my name because I really want to make contact with you and have some help with online e-course that I want to start.

    Take care, and keep up the great inspiration!
    :) xx

  10. Katie

    I love this post, and this sentence really makes me excited:

    “someone who had no biz skills whatsoever can find a way to pay her rent with the power of her MIND.”

    I’m looking forward to becoming one of these people who can support herself and earn a living from doing things she LOVES! :)

    Katie. xxx

  11. Jen

    Me too – one day will be able to get all my ducks in a row and make my artist pay my rent… all in good time though.

    The one-on-one sessions sound amazing. A whole new channel of communication using your favourite and best skills! Kudos for finding your next step.

    And the topic of privacy has been on my mind all week as I did the bravest thing and started blogging to write about the things I thought I ‘shouldn’t’ write about – some of the most personal. But after a scary week of it, I feel quite amazing. The shouldn’t has become the must, and I’m still working out where the boundaries are … but that’s part of life little experiences, no? For me – sharing online is sometimes the only way to share some experiences, when other avenues are unavailable. But yes, being careful is always at front of mind.


  12. michelle gd

    ummm…exciting? holy yes!

  13. Lucy Miller Robinson

    What an incredible idea, and a very rewarding way to give back. Anyone who gets the opportunity to pick your brain is very lucky!

  14. Kathryn

    You continue to share your gifts in such lovely ways. It’s an inspiration!

  15. Colleen Leonardi

    So lovely to hear about this wonderful opportunity, and also all the good change and opportunity in your life, Susannah. You’re offering is so generous and inspiring. Love it. xx

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