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Look what’s back! And I have so many links to share I’m going to have to reign it in a bit.

So let’s start with some exciting news — you see the lovely-looking magazine above? It’s launching next month and I’m very proud to announce that I’ll be writing a monthly column all about mindfulness and the senses! If you took my Exploring the Senses course in June you’ve already got a clue as to what’s coming, but we’re adding a special twist — the digital version of the magazine will include videos from me (which is so out of my comfort zone, i can’t even tell you ;-) The Simple Things is the sister pubication to Mollie Makes and you can take a peek at the sampler here and subscribe too (UK subscriptions | Europe/USA/rest of world). Doesn’t it look fab? Absolutely my cup of tea.

[video] Maira Kalman on thinking vs feeling

The 100 best films set in NYC (MY fave? Hands down, Desperately Seeking Susan)

Love Steve McCurry’s portraits of people reading

Miniature people living in a world of giant food

Powerful portraits of breast cancer survivors and their scars

Chakra fruit salad | coconut chicken with greens (and the truth about fat)

Living successfully with your creative dreams

I do this too: checking out other women

[geektastic video] Looking at history through Batmobiles

I have some vintage Dansk Kobenstyle cookware so I’m loving that it’s been reissued!

Marilyn Monroe’s unpublished poems

And finally, there are a few places left in the autumn sessions of Unravelling and Blogging from the Heart! I’m so looking forward to diving back into teaching again as it’s been a while and I’ve missed it. Already the groups are filling up with lots of lovely souls — i hope you can join us if this feels like the right time for you. Classes start Monday September 3rd xo

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  1. angie

    That magazine is pure sex! I can’t imagine a more beautiful publication to showcase your talents – well done! :) x

  2. Rosa

    the magazine is just gorgeous! I want to try the 3 issues but when I go to the link, it only lets me subscribe for an entire year :( do you know what i need to do?

  3. jane

    those breastcancer survivor photos open me up in such a visceral way… i know a woman who had a double mastectomy and she went swimming in her bikini bottoms at the local pool because she didn’t have boobs to cover and she wanted to shout out loud, “look what’s happened, don’t look away” she is now battling secondaries and raising money to stay alive… her bravery matches those women’s and her beauty is so luminous….

  4. sas

    here here!

  5. La plume et la page

    ‘Living successfully with your creative dreams’ is an interesting post. Thank you for the link!

  6. Marie Landry

    Congrats on the magazine gig, how exciting! Well done. x

  7. Meg Roper

    The Simple Things looks gorgeous. Congratulations on getting a regular column in this little gem! I cannot wait for the first issue.

  8. wanesia

    Hello I purchased your template sweet
    Now after some time I find your blog.

  9. Johanna

    I’m just starting to go through your list, and I’m amazed how much fun I’m having. I’m pretty sure that I saw Desperately Seeking Susan at least once in the theatre and a million times since. I’m still going to have to look at the complete list, but you’re right, it might be it. I think the Fisher King was set in NYC, and I love that one…looking at other women…drives me crazy sometimes…

  10. Yvonne

    I was told by a native New Yorker/tour guide that the only way to see inside The Dakota was to watch Rosemary’s Baby… it’s the only time a film company has been allowed inside.

  11. Hannah Marcotti

    Holy Sh*t yes that magazine. I am in love with that for you.

    And the checking women out article, could have written that one. Seriously think women are the most amazingly beautiful things ever. Ever.


  12. Anita

    Hey girly…I’m signed up for Unravelling course, but hope to take the Blogging course in the future. How often do give these classes? Oh and I can’t wait!

    I have a friend who had brest cancer, the photos you shared are amazing brave. It’s hard to loose a part of your body. It hard going through the process of healing physically and emotionally from breast cancer and the mere fact these women are willing to share is amazing! How encouraging for those who are in the midsts of having to deal with the removal of their breast.

    I could comment on all the links you shared, but I fear this would turn into a rambling mess. So I end with…Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. susannah

    Hi Anita! the photos are amazing, aren’t they? I loved them

    to answer your Q, Blogging from the Heart will run again in January — registration opens in December :)

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