Something for the weekend

Anais Nin on life, hand-lettered by Lisa Congdon

Custom fortune cookies | fruit stickers for kids

Electronic bookplates

The coolest family photo ever

Love this so much: modern Marrakesh

First colour image of the Martian landscape — !!

Getting rid of stuff by Martha Beck (love her)

Helen Gurley Brown: feminist hero and unapologetic slut

Quinoa with lentils, mint & feta | fried eggs & edamame | Lulu’s chocolate tartlets “pour tout le monde!”

Patti and John need our help

From Susan Piver: “We are perpetually engaged in a choice between two minds states: we are either bored or entertained. And like a strained muscle that has “forgotten” how to relax, we have forgotten how to relax our minds into a state that is neither bored nor entertained. Meditation reintroduces us to what it means to actually rest our minds in a state of openness, simply at ease.”

Design Sponge’s Grace Bonney on life/work balance

I heart Joy: 16 things to do when you’re bored

Our book on Brain Pickings! (such a clever idea, too)

Sarah Wilson on the lesson that’s changing her life

You are beautiful

No really… you are. xo

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  1. Jet Harrington

    I just love your Something for the Weekend posts – so much goodness here. What a treat to see Instant Love in the book poetry. I think This I Know could be an awesome line in book spine poetry as well. Have a wonderful weekend, Susannah.

  2. Gennifer

    I love these posts, too! Thanks, Susannah!

  3. Jade Sheldon

    Always look forward to these posts! How gorgeous is modern Marrakesh!? I need to live there…

  4. sonrie

    Thanks, as always.

  5. La plume et la page

    A very good post from Martha Beck. Thanks Susannah!

  6. Lissa @ lafcustomdesigns

    I’ve spent an hour here with many of your links and found so much fruitful bounty and more to be enjoyed. Thank you so much for thes treats!!

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