Something for the weekend

Are you hanging by a thread?

The Instagram Socialmatic camera could be a reality!

[video] celebrities read mean tweets

I’ve been really inspired by Sarah Wilson’s travels through Europe recently. She’s single, she’s successful and she seems to really have her head screwed on right. I like her a lot. Finding your life aesthetic.

Sandra Juto’s epic guide to Berlin

Dairy-free lemon creme with oat thyme crumble | summer stuffed patty pans

I’ve heard/read Danielle talk about this before, but it’s worth a reread: What is your purpose for money?

Loving Tiffany’s Big Questions… think i might have to blog my answers, too

My mistake with a vampire

I find synesthesia so fascinating

[video] Impressive self portrait-a-day video

5 lessons learned from a toddler

How to make product collages for your blog

[video] The universe in a nutshell (i LOVE Brain Pickings, which is why I probably link to it each week :)

Happy weekend, everybody! xo

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  1. Foxglove Lane

    I love your blog, but this regular “something for the weekend” is also just amazing and I want to thank you for bringing the world to me as I sit here in my little wilderness studio in the South East corner of Ireland. It connects me:~))

  2. sara

    thanks for the danielle link. came in so handy to feel better about this drag days while I try to finish my dissertation. :)

  3. leoniewise

    we’ve just booked a trip to berlin – that link is sure to be useful, thanks

    hope you have a nice weekend

  4. Sherry

    You always find the most interesting and often unusual but always thoughtful links to share! Enjoy your weekend xo

  5. kathryn

    i LOVE your photo…i seem to be attracted to photos of wide open spaces in nature!

    some really good links here too!

  6. Steven Andrew

    That video of celebrities reading their tweets is hilarious – thanks!
    Have a great weekend, Susannah!

  7. La plume et la page

    Beautiful picture. Happy week-end!

  8. Sara

    We have a lovely picture book about synesthesia that my girl has enjoyed since she was about 2: ‘Here Comes Frankie!’ by Tim Hopgood. Maybe Noah would like it!

  9. Emily

    Hahaha, the celebrities reading tweets vid is awesome! Gave me a good laugh. Thanks :)


  10. Yvonne

    I have synaethesia, but didn’t find out that others don’t see coloured letters until I was 32!

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