Something for the weekend

* Instagrammed detail of ‘I and the Village’ by Chagall in the MoMA, NYC. I stood into front of it for a whole 20 minutes with tears in my eyes. I’m such an art sap.

[Video] Watch this now: My friend Maia (via Heidi)

Gorgeousness, as always, from Julie: Celebrate & radiate the feminine, without apology

Calling all manifestation junkies: How to deal with things that suck

Tammy has inspired me this week — check out this and this. I don’t think I could live in such a tiny space BUT it’s making me feel better about downsizing into the new London flat. Smaller kitchen and bedroom? Bring it on!

How a woman can write to change the world

There are foodcarts in London! It’s like being in Portland ;-)

I was interviewed over on Sassyology this week

Nutty quinoa energy bites | pesto deviled eggs | vegetarian coconut curry | blackened greenbean & quinoa salad

The ultimate guide to drinking absinthe and avoiding death

I’ve signed up for Hannah’s Spirits of Joy

Useful: Which password manager is the most secure?

Loving Statigram for viewing my Instagram feed online

Writers on the meaning of lifeSusan Sontag on love

[video] beautiful a cappella singing from Clare Bowditch (via Leonie)

And finally the winners of the book giveaway are Lynn, Debbie and Raychel — congrats, ladies! Email on its way to you xo

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  1. Jia Ni

    I’ve signed up for Spirits of Joy! So excited! :)

    And thank you so much for rounding up goodies for me to dig into on a rainy Friday night.

    Much love,
    Jia Ni

  2. Sherry

    Thanks to you, I not only signed up for Spirits of Joy, I discovered Hannah and all the other wonderful things she has to offer. So many thanks!

  3. rachel

    Me too! Looks fun, I can’t wait until October xxx

  4. patricia

    Thanks for all the amazing inspiration! I loved the links.

  5. Hannah Marcotti

    You are such a love to share me with your tribe. Love you woman! xo

  6. L.McG.-E.

    I am so excited to have won your generous giveaway. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. Emily

    Beautiful :)

    Love the video, so touching, hope I can still practise yoga one day!!

    Thanks for the lovely inspiration xx

  8. Tammy Strobel

    Thanks for the link love! xo. :)

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