The Simple Things

First of all, thank you so much for your lovely congratulatory and supportive comments on the last post. It really does mean the world to me, and actually, i got a bit teary reading your words — it’s an amazing thing to feel supported by people who don’t know you (even though we do know each really, don’t we) — thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. It’s going to keep me going as i navigate this odd inbetween time and prepare to make the big jump… xo

Yesterday I nipped up to Londontown to toast the birth of The Simple Things. I’ve been having brainstorming lunches with Janet, the creator of the magazine, since last year, and to see it in its finished form is so exciting. It’s a really lovely magazine, one to savour with a cup of tea and a slice of cake, and I’m honoured to be contributing a monthly column about mindfulness and exploring the senses. In an age of digital communications it’s a treat to flick through a paper magazine, one you’ll definitely want to keep and refer back to.

They’re currently offering three issues for just £5 when you susbcribe — overseas subscribers get a good deal too.

(The other thing i love about the magazine is that it’s full of images we can use for vision boarding. All you need is that and few Toast catalogues and you’re all set ;-)

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  1. Sherry

    I had a quick peek at the online sample and it looks wonderful..gorgeous photos and articles about interesting people doing interesting things. Must check out an overseas subscription. I love having my hands on when it comes to books and magazines. Just thinking about reading it with a cup of tea and a slice of cake…it feels delightful!

  2. Traci

    Congratulations, Susannah! Exciting new ventures all around, it seems!

  3. cococita

    This looks like such a great magazine! Can’t wait to have a closer look next time when I am in the UK.
    Thank you for sharing: the name of the magazine really appeals to me, as simplicity is one of the things I appreciate so much in life and I try to capture the beauty of it in my photography.
    It must be a wonderful feeling to be a columnist in this sort of magazine and I guess you will attract a lot of people who are eager to participate in one of your courses too :) if they wouldn’t know you already from your blog.
    You go, Susannah!

  4. anne holloway

    Amazing to watch your path and inspiring me to follow mine – thank you

  5. Anne Jutras

    Sound so much exciting! Congratulations!

  6. Melissa

    i just got to take a peak at the magazine now via their website. i really hope it’s on the shelves here in Canada. It looks incredible, with loads of juicy articles and images. Congratulations to you! Thanks for your inspiration, always!

  7. Ashley

    Oh my, I was already excited about this mag, but I really can’t wait now that I know you’ll be contributing! I am in the States so I have to wait a bit longer, B&N didn’t have it yet. Hopefully soon though! Congratulations, this is fantastic!

  8. Kathryn

    looks like a beautiful magazine. :)

  9. Kirstin

    I am savouring every last page of this magazine. I love it!

  10. Claire

    Loving the magazine. You planted the seed for me when I read this post and last weekend I went to the renegade Craft Fair and bought a subscription. Thank you.

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