The universe doesn’t mess around*

I’d thought it would take longer.

I was prepared to wait it out, to schlep it up to the city as often as was needed to find the right place. I’d spent two days in London the week before last, viewing 10 flats in total, none of which were right, but all of them had an element I’d liked — a spacious kitchen, a cool bathroom, a good view, the right address. Mix all that together and I’d have had my perfect new home. But I made good contacts with the lettings agents I met and returned to Bath knowing it was possible. Potentially. Possibly. Inevitably? I just had to wait. I couldn’t move till the end of October. “At least I know what’s possible,” I wrote in my journal, before listing all the things I wanted in a new home. I wrote down how I wanted to feel there, too.

And then Noah’s parents got married and I got all caught up in that, only to find myself feeling out of sorts as last week rolled around (big family events will do that to you, huh?) So i was sitting in this exact spot on the sofa when an email arrived at 7pm last Tuesday from Harriet, the lovely agent I’d met the week before. “Please call me asap to view,” she wrote. “The last time we marketed this flat it let within 12 hours so please call me ASAP!” I looked at the photos… sent emails out to trusted friends — what do you think? Should I? Could I really move sooner? Then had a speed-talking panic session with Jo the next morning (thank you, love) before hopping on the train to Londontown.

I felt like I was going on a first date.

This is odd, i thought, before admonishing myself to lower my expectations. It might be shit.

I was relieved it was raining — it really is the perfect weather to view a property, because if it looks good in this weather it’s going to be mindblowing in the sunshine. Yes yes, but you haven’t seen it yet.

It took a while to get inside the building. The keys didn’t seem to want to work. My heart had turned into a den of baby rabbits (<— this is very unlike me, i should add.)

And then we were in.

And as I walked from room to room, i just knew. I could see myself there, working, playing. I could see a future mystery man making coffee in the kitchen… my nephew playing on the floor… friends gathered around the table for dinner. I could see it.

“I’ll take it,” I said.

“I meant to say…” Harriet turned to me. “It’s not available till the end of October.”

“Oh my god! It’s meant to be!” (yes, i really said this.)

And just like that, i found my flat in London. It is done.

Of course, i’ve spent the last weekend picking holes in my decision, but when I was there I knew. I felt it. I saw it. So i am going to trust the universe — because clearly the universe does NOT mess around when it has plans for you — and follow this path and see where it takes me.

Even if I do have to hire a freakin’ crane to get my furniture through the window of a third-story building.


* that photograph above? Was taken as i stepped outside the nearest tube station to my new home. I’d shot it the week before and took it as a sign (duh) that i was on the right path. Seriously you guys, the universe does not mess around. Decide what you want. Then follow the breadcrumbs…

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  1. Nanette Gordon-Cramton

    Love this post! So excited for you, Susannah! “Follow the breadcrumbs!” Excellent!

  2. Andrea

    Yay yay YAY!

  3. Briana Morrison

    Such Luck! I’m so happy for you and the new life adventure you’re about to embark on. I can’t wait to see photos of your favorite nooks once you’re all settled in. :-)

  4. Jodi

    oh, yes. this is the best. so, so happy for you!!

  5. Emily

    Oh I’m thrilled for you. And even more so because almost the very same thing has happened to us. We’ve been planning a move back to London for what feels like forever but nothing was happening or going right. Too many wrong houses/flats viewed. And then one weekend we found ourselves in the house. And when was it available? The very perfect week we wanted to move, financially and for our children moving school/nursery. The date was three months from when we saw the house. We were looking too early really and prepared to pay double rent for a while for the perfect house but we didn’t have to. It was all so perfect. It all is so perfect. October half-term, London here we come!
    Good luck with all the packing, planning, moving xx

  6. Tina Tierson

    Oh Susannah! How wonderful for you!!! Pleeeeze share photos when you can! I’m glad little birdies didn’t gobble up all the breadcrumbs before you got there!

  7. tiffany moore | magic maker

    YAY!!! Congratulations, Susannah! SO excited for you!

    I love it when the Universe takes care of us like this!

  8. Deborah Jackson

    What a lovely post, I felt I was reading a really good novel and didn’t want it to end! Thrilled that you and the Universe are working together…….love that line “follow the breadcrumbs” x

  9. lisaclark

    Ohmystars. I LOVE this, Miss S. So excited to have you here in the Londinium. Please let me take you for cupcakes when you’re settled in…

  10. L.McG.-E.

    How wonderful for you. This is great news.

  11. Alicia

    Susannah, This message could not have come at a better time. Thanks for the reminder…

    So stoked for you!!

  12. Mia

    How delightful and thrilling for you! I’m working on my own list of possibilities (probabilities?) and will use this story as my inspiration. Looking forward to meeting you in NC next month!

    Mia in Chapel Hill

  13. Steven Andrew

    I’m so happy for you – definitely seems like it was meant to be!

  14. Sandie Cottee

    Amazing. It is good to trust things will come together when the time is right. Hope you will be VERY happy in your new home.

  15. Jan's camera

    Congrats on the new apartment/home. Can’t wait to see some photos in October. How very exciting.

  16. Shandi

    I ‘m glad you found the perfect place. Your last two sentences have actually inspired me to take out my journal and be specific about my intentions. I ‘m in need of a new place, and line of work.

  17. Roxanne Galpin

    LOVE it!

  18. Foxglove Lane

    Hurray!! I love it! And I am really enjoying a new your wry tone in your voice. Heehhe!

  19. Jill

    I love this story, so much, for what it means for you, for what it means for all of us who take the leap, trust, follow our gut.

  20. Melissa Jaine

    Love you. Love this post. Every single word. Congratulations hon, am so happy for you xxx

  21. Melanie

    I love this story. Such a great way for things to fall into place during a very stressful time. Back in November of 2009 we moved from Florida to Ohio and 8 months later we were transferred to South Carolina. We lived in 3 houses and 1 apartment in that one year. We bought a house that I don’t love and it has been a rough two years but I know that this isn’t the last house that we will live in, so it’s alright. I am happy that you have found a place that you ‘felt’ right in. That means everything! Good luck!

  22. La plume et la page

    I’m happy for you! Sometimes we must follow the breadcrumbs…

  23. Angela Vular

    Great post! I hope you are very happy in your new home. It sounds perfect for you. I am going to take your advice and follow the breadcrumbs. I am putting my intentions out there for a new line of work and see where it leads. Have fun packing.

  24. kelly collins

    Susannah, I hope you know what inspiration your writings have. I just had a one woman show sell out at a silent auction! And I AM A NURSE (for over 25 years) ready to change course. SOLD OUT! 700.00 raised for an orphanage but a pat on my back as I “follow the breadcrumbs” that the universe scatters for me. Time for change.
    Thank you, thank you. So glad to have met you in New York! Good luck in London. You are such a positive inspiring light!

  25. Christen

    So happy for you! My family had a similar “universe does not mess around” moving story this summer. It was unbelievable. We were following a trail of pennies…though breadcrumbs might have been more apropos, given that our surname is Hansel :)

  26. Andrea

    Exciting Susannah! When you know, you know. If you’re open to the world, the world will open itself to you. I think it just did:)

  27. Lovelyn

    Congratulations! It sounds to me like it was meant to be too.

  28. jane

    this is so sodding awesome!!!

  29. Lissa @ lafcustomdesigns

    I so love stories like this. I’ve had similar experiences, but it’s been a while. I’m hoping for some of my own …. soon! lol

  30. Marie Landry

    This put a big smile on my face. The Universe really does work in wonderful, mysterious ways. So happy for you! x

  31. Felecia Wong

    Love this post, Susannah!
    You can’t never go wrong with the Arranger of this universe. I am happy for you and eager to see how beautiful your new chapter is going to be!


  32. Shannon Acton

    Congrats! When all the signs are pointing in the “right” direction, you know it is the path you are meant to take. Best of luck.

  33. Nicky

    Have just finished reading your book, loved it , so luverly to hear you’ve found somewhere to begin your next adventure !

  34. Katharina

    Wow, I’m impressed and getting excited for you. Can’t wait for your Pictures from the new home. Glad the move seems to be so what you need.


  35. Fiona

    yay!! congratulations on the new flat and trusting the universe :)

  36. Anne Jutras

    Susannah, I’m soooo happy for you! The Universe really does really wonderful job! ;)

  37. Jenny

    Congratulations, Susannah! Finding a home in London is NOT an easy task – you truly do need the universe on your side. I’m so pleased you found somewhere so right for you. London is the best city in the world. You’ll be happy to be back, I’m sure of it!

  38. An

    Yay! Congrats! And I looove how beautifully it all unfolded! xo

  39. cococita

    I L.O.V.E. this post! It makes me smile on a bad day so thank you so much!
    I can relate on the breadcrumbs and was talking about them yesterday too: love this sort of synchronicity :)
    Enjoy the outlook on your move dear Susannah and the last weeks in Bath!
    London is thrilled and waiting for you!

  40. Tara@Aquamarine

    I don’t comment here often {comment overwhelm} but I read all your posts and just wanted to say that this is EXACTLY what just happened to me – the search, with the elements that were just right but not in one whole package; making a list of the dream and imagining living in it; almost becoming resigned, and then a call from the agent saying ‘you HAVE to see this’, and BOOM. The dream appeared with all the perfect elements and some I hadn’t even imagined were possible! So excited to see your new home and all the new dreams you bring to life in it. :)

  41. susannah

    I love that!!

  42. Cat

    love that when It happens
    so perfect

    love and light

  43. Gypsy Mel

    That is totally utterly fabulous news for you :) hurrah
    Hip hip hooray …how magnificent that when you thought of and wrote down all the elements you wanted and how you wanted it ” to feel ” the universe delivered …I’m grinning with joy for you from Australia .. May many more special surprises and abundant pleasures be on their way to you :) congrats

  44. Anita

    How exciting to know that you know that you know. I’m so happy for you girl! Huge step forward!

  45. Anne

    Love it, the plans, the pic, the breadcrumbs! So thrilled for you! Go girl ;)

  46. Ashley

    Thanks so much for this, it was much needed today. That idea of sitting down with a journal and really spelling out how we want to FEEL, it’s so important, and I’m afraid I’ve been slowly stepping further and further outside of that. Time to journal!

    I am so happy for you friend, and of course dying to see pictures of your new home. Congrats and good job for believing the universe is in your favor!

  47. Janet K

    I Love this post! Yes, I love when I see the signs that are right in front of me….just follow the breadcrumbs! All the best to you in your new home!

  48. Patti L

    Love this! Good luck! I am in similar, in I like the process of waiting things out, letting the universe unfold itself to me…it always seems to work better when I just let it be!

  49. art and lemons

    Yay, I’m so happy things are working out according to your design. This post came at the exact right time! Preparing a big jump myself so thanks for the reminder.

  50. Marisa Anne

    this is so exciting lady!!! congratulations!!!!! xoxo

  51. Justine

    Thank you for sharing your story! I discovered your blog a few years ago when I was just beginning to start my own new journey of peace with myself and happiness within my life. Your posts and classes have been an awesome parallel to the things I’ve been testing out in my own life. I knew this would be a good story b/c I’ve been working on trusting the universe as well and holy crap you’re right – it does NAHT mess around!! Congrats to you and your next steps <3

  52. Jia Ni

    So beautiful Susannah! So happy for you that you found the perfect place. The Universe is sending us signs all the time!

  53. Babu

    I congratulate you for your new place in London. May your return there be blissful!

  54. Kat

    Life is magical!

  55. Sarah

    As someone else said, I don’t comment often on blogs, but always read yours, & have seen your story unfolding with the false start last year in moving back to London & just want to say hooray! So pleased for you and how it all unfolded. A reminder to set clear desires & intentions for ourselves… Good luck with the move!

  56. Sherry

    This reminds me to have more faith in the universe and to get back to dreaming more, visioning more and trusting more that what I need is out there waiting for me to grab it and make it mine. So happy for you how this worked…I knew you’d find just the spot. I felt it in July. The next adventure begins Susannah! xo

  57. Julie

    Perfect. I will follow my breadcrumbs. Hugs to you Susannah!

  58. Kyra

    Beautiful story and congratulations on finding the perfect-for-you flat! Can’t wait to see photos!

  59. Lisa Gordon

    This is wonderful Susannah.
    I am truly so happy for you!

  60. Catherine

    LOL…the “freakin’ crane” bit made me laugh.

    Let me know if you need a hand – I live in west London :)

  61. Veronica

    Im SO happy for you. We are currently searching high and low for a place in Notting Hill for January – March. Sigh. Cant wait to visit but the looking is daunting. Enjoy your new space and I might bug you about an in person mentorship. If youre offering those :) Youve got me PSYCHED to go to the UK now.

  62. Lucy Miller Robinson

    NO the universe does not mess around. Certainly not when you ask and allow like you did. What a beautiful example of manifesting something that is *meant to be.*

  63. Kathryn

    a belated congratulations! a wonderful story, made even more wonderful by the thought that you didn’t end up moving last time you tried and then here you are this time with everything falling into place. :)

  64. Kirstin

    Such good news! Do let me know when you’re settled and you’re free for some tea and cakes in deepest, darkest Greenwich! x

  65. Maria

    Wow what a strong sign and happy to hear you followed it. I have recently changed country, from breathtaking Scotland to my home country Denmark. Been looking online for flats, garden colonies, house boats etc. in Copenhagen without luck or finding the right fit. Then one night I saw a former neighbours house view overlooking the harbour in his self designed wooden house and wrote to him after 4 years. Its for sale and I am going to see it next Tuesday, it ticks all the boxes hope I won’t get disappointed, I hope it is ment to be my new home, hope to feel just like you felt when you found your new Londontown home.

    All the best of luck in your new casa and thanks for sharing, as always.


  66. Deborah Mori

    Bravo! Great post and great way to trust the universe. You sent out your heart and it came back carefully wrapped like a gift. Thank you for sharing your marvelous news.

  67. Aline

    I found myself in the same situation. I’m looking for an apartment, but nothing happens as expected. Reading your text I realized that actually I already started wrong. I’ll slow down a little, take a step back and review everything I want and I hope from my new home. I will decide what I want. And follow the breadcrumbs.
    Thanks for sharing!

  68. Emily

    Congrats on your new home! Looking forward to seeing snippets of it as you share them and settle in.

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