Memories from the sea

This was the moment, when I spoke my wishes to the wind and threw a pebble into the ocean.

This is the dead house that we loved to photograph.

These are the women who made my week 100x more wonderful.

These are the sweet souls who took my class on the Thursday.

This is the moment we paused to make coffee.

The was when nature showed her true majesty.

This is how my class participants connected with each other.

This is how the day began, every day, for four days. Bliss.

These are the sweet souls who took my class on the Friday. We all loved Bettie.

This is peek at gallery night.

This is when Elizabeth danced in the ocean.

This is likely the last time I’ll have sand on my toes for a while…

Next stop… LONDON!

5 responses
  1. Anna

    I got a Polaroid land 103 at a pawn shop yesterday ad my husband and I are cleaning it this weekend. These pictures excite me!

  2. michelle gd

    i feel such love and energy in these memories you’ve shared. what a beautiful group of women, what a beautiful bunch of days shared.

  3. La plume et la page

    Beautiful pictures, as always!

  4. Kathryn

    sounds like a fabulous time was had. the fifth photo is loveliness.

  5. Emily

    Such gorgeous photos, they really convey so much emotion. Beautiful. Thanks :) xxx

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