Something for the weekend

What matters is the work

Free ebook! How to tap into your badassery

Humans of New York (sigh… i miss you, NYC)

[video] What do you call the dark part of you? (it’s a good question)

This is important: Half The Sky

Vintage camera book end DIY

How to break through your creative block

Love Gabriela Herman’s bloggers series

[video] A fire devil in Australia

Salad with figs, pecorino & honey | brown sugar roasted fig oatmeal | proper tomato sauce

Always find new music to love on Music Mondays | my new favourite song

Susan Piver talks about mindfulness, serendipity & the unplanned life

Thoughts, advice & inspiration from Steve McCurry

The scientific cure for hangovers

Happy weekend, everyone! xo

3 responses
  1. Kate

    One of my favourite compilations ever. Thanks!

  2. laurie b

    thanks so much for such a variety of interesting and fun info! i am always amazed by the way you pull together all these posts. but it is so valuable and appreciated. :-)

  3. cococita

    Thank you for sharing! Your SFTWs are always so inspiring. Just signed up for the Open Heart Project: something to be grateful for! That’s what I can sense already.
    Have an awesome week!

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