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If you’re reading this post in Google Reader or by email you might like to pop over to the site — I’ve had a revamp! I wanted a return to the simplicity of the early days, so we’ve pared back the design a tad and hopefully infused a little more calm. There’s a brand new page revealing the skinny on my Big Sister Sessions, and a new shop page, too. I’m also gifting the Exploring the Senses ebook to everyone who joins my mailing list — I’ve never been a big fan of optin offers, but I AM a fan of presents, so gifting a whole ecourse-in-an-ebook felt like a fair compromise :) I hope you like the new look!

[video] Montaged signature camera angles from Wes Anderson | Kubrick | Tarantino | Aronofsky

I need these pencils. I need this clutch. I need this photograph.

[audio] My soul sister Megg has launched her magical new site and she’s sharing her first book chaper-by-chapter in a weekly podcast — there’s something so lovely about listening to a story, so I’m hooked already :)

It’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone and cool app: Nicole Franzen’s photographs

The new normal… insight from Martha Beck

Lasagna bolognese | pumpkin, chorizo & chickpea soupbutter lettuce salad with tahini-honey dressing

Needing this lately: the perfect snooze

More from Iceland

Business is a sacred container for creative growth and transformation: wisdom from Hiro

[video] Holy naked us

[video] Completely obsessed with WALK THE MOON’s debut album. Love all the songs, which is so rare these days. Listening to it right now on repeat… I think ‘Tightrope‘ will be my anthem for moving back to London…

Have fun this weekend, loves! xo

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  1. Sherry

    So loving the revamp…it’s fresh and it’s exciting and perfect as you head off to create new dreams and new experiences in the whole of your life!

  2. Julene

    Loving the splotch of ink after your name. Harkens back to the ink on my fingers days, which is when I discovered you.

  3. susannah

    yay! i’m glad you spotted that — that was what i thought too :)

  4. Gennifer

    Loving the simplicity! Looks great!

  5. Madeline

    Not sure if it’s only like this for me (I’m using Firefox) but the links are a little hard to notice – I almost thought they weren’t there at first. I had to tilt my laptop back to see the color difference. Just wanted to point that out~

  6. Marianne

    I love that too! I loved ‘Ink on My Fingers’ as a name xx

  7. Shandi

    I love how clean and simple this looks!

  8. Catherine Denton

    Your new site design fits you! I think it highlights the photo more. And a free ebook? Signing up!

  9. Melody

    Love, LOVE it! I do not remember ever commenting here, yet I always read.

  10. susannah

    Thanks for letting me know, Madeleine, I’ll ask Jo (my designer) to look into it. the links should be much clearer now so not sure what’s happening!

  11. laura

    Is it possible to get the ebook if you are already on your mailing lost?
    Love the new look – much cleaner and nicer to read :) love your swirly name badge

  12. susannah

    Hi Laura! I sent out the ebook to everyone on my mailing list a few weeks ago – if you missed it just email me and i’ll send you the link x

  13. Sarah

    It was lovely to meet you briefly at SquamItalia and beautiful to hear about your experience in that last post. Wishing you well with your move to London and loving your website, i’m all signed up for your mailing list, bought your book, no doubt if there was a t-shirt I’d have got that too :)

  14. susannah

    it was so lovely to meet you too, lovie!! You knitters are an amazing lot :D xxx

  15. Carol

    I’m loving it ;-)

  16. xanthe

    New site is looking gorgeous! High 5! All the best with the move, and see you in London sometime soon xxx

  17. elle

    Hi Susannah,
    It went straight into spam in my gmail account for some reason – maybe the format of the title? Anyway, I’m glad to have found it now! And the site looks absolutely beautiful.

  18. Kathryn

    the new look is great! really bright and light. :)

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