The permission slip*

You are allowed to unfollow the people who make you feel bad,
the ones who curate their lives like interior design magazines,
whose day never seems to be filled with the
dirty dishes of your reality.

You are allowed to unfollow the old school friend
who’s busy repopulating the world
while you wonder if you’ll ever find love again and
listen to the sound of your ovaries going mouldy.

You are allowed to ignore the quick-fix merchants who
offer ten reasons why your life doesn’t work
and then tell you how to fix it
if you buy their program today! Click here!

You are allowed to unsubscribe from the emails that
clutter your inbox. To ignore the teleseminars
and free trainings and video secrets and offerings
that never seem to teach you anything new.

You are allowed to boycott the blogs that trigger
the shit out of you. You know the ones.

Instead, you are allowed to sink back into your
own wise counsel. To make the space for your own
desires and dreams to dance and delight,
no longer distracted by the comparisons and competitions.

You are allowed to be still.
To be quiet.
To just be.

* wrote this for me… thought you might appreciate it too.

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  1. gracedulawan

    hope you don’t mind but I wrote my own permission slip based on this, most cathartic thing I’ve written in awhile so thanks for the inspiration x

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thank you Susannah – I do appreciate it! I’ve unsubscribed from so many of the “free trainings and video secrets and offerings that never seem to teach you anything new” and have decided, as you suggest, to sink back into my own wise counsel. It’s very liberating!

  3. Valeria

    I have follow you and did your exploring the senses workshop after buying your book- which I love. This post touched me profoundly and the timing was perfect. I am looking forward on doing unravelling any time soon. Valeria

  4. Nancy Wyatt

    This is awesome! And it made me stop and take a look at myself. Often times we throw stones at those who we feel rub us the wrong way yet we too may be doing the same. A few years ago I chose to make my NY resolution as me learning to not always voice my opinion. I often times thought I was helping when infact I was not. I still like to speak from the heart but I take a deep breath first and try to think how it will affect those around me. Just because we think we know what those around us need to hear doesn’t mean we should say it. Thanks for this post!!

  5. Giovanna

    Thank you! I have told myself these things so many times. It’s beautiful to see someone else thinks exactly the same and puts it in such a beautiful way, almost like a poem. Thank you.

  6. Jen

    Oh, such lovely words. So appreciate you putting them here for us to read.

  7. abbey

    thank you! I really needed this and I am going to print this and put it in my closet, as a reminder!!!

  8. Jennifer

    Hi Susanna,

    I’ve just recently come across your blog and I so appreciate how real and genuine you seem to be. I’m at the stage of blogging where it’s just for me and my 9 family members and friends who are “following”. :) I feel connected to your style and enjoy your openness. Thank you for sharing with the world. Your tips on writing have been helpful too.

    Here’s the link to my blog if you’re interested in taking a peek…

    Take care,

  9. Mona Baroody


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