Movember madness

The mustachio’d dude holding my nephew in the photo above is not a 70s porn star, but is, in fact, Noah’s dad, Steve. The ‘tache looks kinda natural on him, huh? Steve’s been raising money for Movember and, frankly, has been having a whale of a time. Never one to shy away from a challenge — especially if it involves comedy facal hair — Steve actually went to Boots last weekend and bought Just for Men beard dye to make his mustache even more awesome (if that is even possible). I watched the metamorphosis as it happened. It was thrilling, let me tell you.

I wanted to support the efforts of my mo-bro-in-law because he’s such a great dad to Noah, a passable husband to my sister (only kidding!), and an all-round diamond geezer, so if you don’t currently have a mo bro in your life and fancied supporting Steve’s tache-tastic journey, his Movember page is over here. Every penny helps :)

Love you, mo bro xo

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  1. annalyn

    kudos to your brother in law!

  2. helen watson-jones

    Good Luck to him!! my mo-bro won the Movember Wilkinson sword challange last year and had an all expenses paid trip for him and 3 friends to New York, he had an amazing time. Its a great money raising idea. Noah’s tash wins hands down for me tho :-)

  3. Catherine Denton

    That is one heck of a ‘tache! And Noah’s is pretty darling too.
    Catherine Denton

  4. Briana Morrison

    We just so happened to post on the same topic, with the same post title, on the same day. Funny how these things happen sometimes.

    Andrew is doing his own Movember fundraiser this year and I shared a few Polaroids of his transformation on my blog yesterday.

    But, I have to say, Steve’s ‘stache is a bit more hardcore. ;-)

  5. sEkA

    Hi Susannah,

    This isn’t really relevant to this particular post, but I wanted to send love and GRATITUDE for being so bravely open and honest about your journey. In what can best be described as self-mutilation, I’ve been reading blog after blog of “excitement this!” and “willpower that!” in an effort the rebel against what I now realize is an autumn period in my life.

    While those blogs have only put me further in a hole of self-doubt and denial of the present moment, your words are much more expansive and TRUE to the nature of life in all its mystery. It reminds me that autumn moving into the darkness of winter is as natural, mystical and beautiful as the summer moments of abundance and creative flow. Joy can be found in all the seasons.

    Thank you.

  6. susannah

    yes yes yes — and thank you xo

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