Something for the weekend

Loving everything about photographer Debi Treloar’s home

December soul nourishment from Rachel and Hannah

New mantra: it’s either a hell yeah! or a no.

In case you need it: the emergency compliment

(spiked) maple apple cider | the greenest salad | roasted butternut penne with pistachio pesto

Had fun at Holly’s book launch at Anthropologie earlier this week. Lots of inspiration for this house mover in her new book, Decorate Workshop. So fun chatting with Tracey, Micela, Rhiannon and Ingrid, too — hey ladies!

Instagram launches new web profiles for users — here’s mine :)

The magic button (via Sas)

The Talks

3 tips to attract abundance | Danielle’s grooving prosperity

[video] Portrait: a documentary about a popular Instagrammer and a pro photographer

London in bus stops | vintage Covent Garden

“I am exactly where I am supposed to be, which is fine with where I am.” :: wisdom from Colleen

The Frida Kahlo costume is killing me!

Happy weekend, everyone xo

5 responses
  1. Anna

    I look forward to link posts like this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Micala Duvoux

    Hey Susannah (waving back). Thank you for the link mention. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  3. La plume et la page

    Breakfast or lunch? It looks tasty!

  4. Stacy

    3 tips to attract abundance was a heart opening read. Thanks for sharing that link!

  5. Ingrid/Of Spring and Summer

    Hey back! – thanks for link mention, lovely to meet you in person at Holly’s launch, love your ‘something for the weekend’, can always find something that puts a big smile on my face!! xx

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