Something for the weekend

“So you would never order it?” Mr. King asked. “Never,” she responded. “I would pick it out if I saw it and throw it on the floor.” — me too, Julia. It tastes like detergent. [Read the comments too! They’ve been making me chuckle, especially this one (which I could have written myself): “It’s interesting that we cilantro haters have such a violent emotional reaction to it. I know lots of people who have food aversions–I have other things I don’t care for myself–but cilantro seems to make us all come unglued. It’s not just “Ugh, tomato.” It’s a toddler-like “Get this horrible, offensive thing away from me, oh God I hate it so, you have ruined my entire life by serving it to me!” ]

Something else making me giggle: all the fledgling ‘tashes being sported by men around the city for Movember. At least I think most of them are for Movember ;-) Natural beard conditioner | ‘tashe rubber stamps | Sgt Pepper wooden spoon set | mustache wax

[video] 4 questions to get 2013 off to a roaring start (I love Pam)

Enchanted by Susanna Bauer’s leaves

What would be on your ideal bookshelf?

[video] Steven Pressfield interviewed by Marie Forleo on turning pro

My 12 sustainable fashion commandments, from Annching

Women of a rockin’ age

How to make your decision the “right decision” – wisdom from Sarah

Beetroot hash | wholewheat persimmon ricotta scones | what to eat in November

11 things to do if you don’t want plastic soup for oceans

A ‘wooden’ camera

Britain vs America in minimalist vintage infographics – fascinating!

For the smalls:  How to make invisible ink  (via my sister)

[audio] Deepak Chopra’s free 21-day Meditation Challenge: Creating Abundance — the audios are archived for 10 days so you can still hear them (as the challenge started on Nov 5th the first couple are missing)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Foxglove Lane

    Ah yes the weekend, and as usual a happy post from you to start it off, thank you hon:~))

  2. Kelly breedlove

    Great weekend inspiration. I too am loving Deepak’s meditation challenge, Have a great weekend!

  3. Debbie in London

    For me it’s watercress. I can’t bear it, and it gets randomly scattered over all sorts of things.I think most people seem to find it quite inoffensive but to me it tastes to me like something gone off. Taste buds are such weird things, strange how we all experience the same tastes in such a different way!

  4. sonrie

    Loved the ‘leaves’ link and click on her textiles and stones too.

  5. Kristin Turberville Haffey

    Hey, thanks for the mention with the Sgt. Pepper moustache spoons! :) I saw your website come up on my stats page. Great stuff here! :)

  6. Catherine Denton

    Oh my, I loved reading through the twelve sustainable fashion commandments. So good! Thanks for always finding incredible links. This is becoming my favorite Friday stop.
    Catherine Denton

  7. Nina

    The sustainable fashion article is interesting. But I did find it odd that the love she was talking about was just love for *clothes*, not something bigger (Nature, humanity).

  8. Elaine

    Great links! Every single recipe on what to eat in november looks irresistable. As do those persimmon scones. And I’m doing Chopra’s meditation challenge too! And loving it.

    Good shares!

  9. bella

    Oh em ghee ~ the beetroot hash!! I’m totally making that. Have a great weekend <3

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