Something for the weekend

Joan Didion on keeping a notebook

Gorgeous food collages

Pointless but still awesome | fruit papers

Found this fascinating: first Paris apartments

The power of unconditional acceptance – wisdom from Kris

Keep Cups | Brellis

Don McCullin’s first time with a DSLR

[audio] Fabeku tells the truth about entrepreneurship

Want this so bad

Millet & pumpkin winter salad | Spinach & kale soup | raw bars

101 ways to make your ebook sexy

Yep, I’m looking for a knight

These would make amazing xmas presents

“I’ve started telling my daughters I’m beautiful” — wisdom from Amanda

Happy weekend, loves! xo

9 responses
  1. Thursday

    Thank you so much for the Don McCullin link. My absolute fave photographer, I adore his work.

  2. sonrie

    I am amazed at the size of Paris apartments! And I thought I lived in a small house – yet, for America at around 950 sq.ft. it is small, but for a Paris apartment, you could have at least 3 other people live with you!

  3. Rachel

    Loved the 101 Ways to make your ebook sexy – thanks for sharing.

    Funnily enough I used Century Gothic for my upcoming ecourse workbook because I find it easy to read. Turns out it uses the least toner too. Yay!!

  4. Ellen Bulterman

    I LOVE the food collages by Julie Lee — they’re gorgeous! Thanks so much for the introduction.

  5. Shandi

    Thanks for the artifactuprising link. Looking at their site and blog is giving me all kinds of creative ideas.

    I like the 101 e-book ideas as well.

  6. laurie b

    Thanks for another assortment of interesting things to look at! I always look forward to these posts, which are like a grab-bag, in the best of ways. It’s amazing to see what is out there in cyberspace.

  7. Anna

    I love these posts. I always save it for last!

  8. Nina

    OK, NOW I understand why a friend lived in such an awful place when she was studying in Paris! She rented a room in the home of an old woman whose friends were all National Front voters and who wouldn’t fix the shower that leaked carbon monoxide. Pretty horrendous. But the room was probably twice the size of some of those flats! (I’d still have gone for the shoebox myself, though.)

  9. Prêt à Voyager / Anne

    Thanks for sharing my Parisian apartment link, Susannah! I’ve just upgraded to 14m2 (150sf), but have 3 rooms and an AMAZING view! ;)

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