Something for the weekend

[music] This is ridiculous and brilliant: Russian Unicorn (via my sister)

Warm spicy apple & carrot drink | spinach salad with warm bacon viniagrette | cosy winter warmers

Turn your Instagram shots into a fab calender for 2013

Fun and innovative iPhone docks | Ollo clip

Why a seven-year-old should help run your life — smartness from Nisha

[audio] Jen Louden & Christine Arylo talk about self-love

Vintage paperback Pelican covers

When it’s time to move on: Four powerful questions for honouring all that’s been — smartness from Rachael

How to sit with your emotions

Loving this DIY advent tree

This I believe: 43 lessons from 43 years

A walk down Bleecker Street circa 2001 (i love Bleecker Street!)

How to uncover your values (and why you’d want to) — more smartness from Tam


Just a quick update on what’s coming next:

Registration for the January sessions of both Unravelling and Blogging from the Heart will open this Wednesday, December 5th. Check out this page to see what time you need to be online to register. I’m counting down the days till class starts as I’m at my happiest when i’m with my course peeps, making videos (in the new flat!) and connecting :)

Plus I have something extra special for you on Tuesday… here’s a sneak peek:

Have a great weekend, loves! x

10 responses
  1. Rachel

    Aiden Quinn’s character in Desperately Seeking Susan works at Bleeker Street cinema. When I was 16 and embarked on my first journey to NYC (and my first journey sans parents), the first place I went was Bleeker Street. It is an obsession. So much so I think I’ve told you that story before… *embarassed emoticon*

  2. susannah

    I was the same!

  3. susanna

    Just wanted to say thank you for your ‘Something for the Weekend’ posts. I look forward to them each Friday morning and savor them with my coffee. Always beautiful and inspiring..thank you!

  4. anna k.

    Yay! I was wondering when you’d put out the 2013 worksheets. I LOVE them and they’ve helped me so much. Thanks for all you do here :)

  5. Carol Anna McBride, Psychotherapist/Film Instructor/photographer

    Wonderful to read the weekly ups and downs and beautiful links as you begin your new life in your new digs!!! Thank you for sharing! xox

  6. Catherine Denton

    I’m hoping to get into your Blogging from the Heart course *fingers crossed*. It’s marked on my calendar and alarmed on my phone, ha.

  7. Laura M.

    Just did the “what are your values” exercise as a little art project — totally transformed my day from its previously pissy state. Thanks for the push!

    Also — is that a Flora Bowley painting over your couch?

    Hugs — have a great weekend!

  8. Stacy

    Did you see you can put an Instagram shot on a watch face? I’m tempted… Very tempted.

  9. tawyna

    I always look forward to the wisdom you find for your weekend posts, and there are always at least a handful of them which I, in turn, forward to people I love knowing that they will be touched too! Thank you!

  10. Noelle Peacock

    Thank you for this timely and beautifully crafted gift.

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