Something special for the holidays

I’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to find a way to write this post that doesn’t sound sales-y, cheesy or annoying. It’s not easy. So I’m not going to dress this up — here’s what I’m trying to say: if you have a treasured woman in your life and you’re wondering what to buy her for Xmas, can i humbly suggest my book, This I Know? As an author it’s important to promote your own books at this time of year but, to be honest, it’s more than that — I’d love for This I Know to to be gifted into the hands of women who need her. Women who are searching for themselves, yearning for a creative life, wondering if they are the only ones feeling the way they do. I shared my heart in the book because I wanted other women to feel less alone, so if you know a soulsister who might need a gentle read to take her into the new year, think of me and my wee book :) | |  | Chapters | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Powell’s

There’s something else, too. Many authors sell copies of their own book but this was something i decided not to do as I felt the cost of the book + shipping from the UK (which isn’t cheap) didn’t make for a great deal. So, while I can’t offer signed copies of the book to give as gifts, I’ve come up with something just as lovely…

I have a small stack of Polaroid postcards that are just begging to be personalised and used as bookmarks. I’d love to send one to you to tuck inside the book before you wrap it, so here’s the plan:

1. buy a copy (or two!) of This I Know to gift to a friend(s)

2. send me a copy of the receipt by email (forward me the email invoice or photograph your receipt) with the subject line “POSTCARD!” — mail to: nita [at]

3. make sure you also include in the email:
— the name of the person who’s receiving the book so I can personalise the message on the postcard (if you bought 2 books I’ll send 2 postcards, etc)
— your mailing address

4. wait for the mailman to deliver the card(s)!


— I’ll cover the cost of the postage for all the cards (they’ll be sent in envelopes to protect them)
— deadline for emailing me the copy of your receipt is THURSDAY DECEMBER 6th. All postcards will be sent on Saturday 8th — any later than that and you won’t get them in time for Xmas
— the postcards will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis until I run out of cards :) I apologise in advance if the cards go quickly and you don’t get one (on the other hand, maybe no one will want them… you never know!)
— to make it fair this offer is only for books purchased on or after today’s date (November 26th)

Looking forward to sending out some love notes xo | | | Chapters | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Powell’s

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  1. Katherine

    You continue to amaze me! What a great idea. I’ve just bought yet ANOTHER copy to give away as a gift. Related question – Where do you get you polaroid postcards printed? They’re lovely.

  2. susannah

    thanks, hon! These were made by Vistaprint :)

  3. Jackee

    Susannah I have given away at least six copies
    of your book to friends and clients and I
    intend to give away a lot more. It is the perfect
    gift whether it is Christmas or not.

    Your book will continue to touch the lives
    of so many.

  4. kathryn

    what a cleaver idea! i loved your book…i’m just waiting to pass it on to someone i think may really need to read it!

  5. Micala Duvoux

    Not cheesy at all, it’s a really lovely thought. I’ve got two spare copies in my cupboard and funnily enough I was wondering this evening who to give them to. So many people and not enough books!

  6. Tyler

    Your words in “This I Know” are beneficial to men as well. Going through an unexpected divorce this year, there are many parts of your story and guidance I could relate to. I thank you for putting yourself out there and putting this great book together. And thanks for the gift idea too as I’ll be purchasing a copy for my mom this holiday season :-)

  7. Lisa Jane Humphries

    Susannah you are such a beautiful soul, this is just a beautiful idea!! xx

  8. jane

    how generous! that is really thoughtful <3

  9. Robin

    This is such a fantastic idea! :)

  10. Catherine Denton

    I stood in line reading the end of your book while waiting to renew my driver’s license. It turned a usually boring and tedious chore into a delight. I finished the last pages just before I was called to the desk. I’m not exaggerating when I say I want to start it again immediately. There are at least three friends I would love to hand a copy to. Thank you for the depth, the encouragement and the example.

  11. Rhianne

    Beautiful idea Susannah, you are going to make a lot of peoples Christmas morning I think :)

  12. Lori

    Thank you so much Susannah! My books are supposed to be here tomorrow (which also happens to be my birthday – perfect or what?) and I can’t wait to start reading.

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