A year in photos: January – June

All but two of the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone and shared on Instagram. As my packs of Polaroid film have dwindled, and I gingerly experimented with the new Impossible Project film, it’s not surprising that most of this year’s images have been snapped with my phone. There are a lot of pro photographers out there who might sneer at this. I mean, how can I call myself a photographer if I never break out the big camera? It’s been over a year since I touched the Hasselblad, and my DSLR is practically a stranger to me. But here’s the thing: I consider myself a photographer because I have this compulsion to express myself in photographs. Because photography is my meditation. Photography and journalling are the two things that keep me sane, the familiar tools I have used all my life. So it doesn’t matter to me what camera I use to do that. I don’t need a zillion pixels because my images won’t be blown up to billboard size — the majority of them won’t be seen beyond my Instagram stream. I shoot for pleasure. To record the world around me. To remember. To relax. And I really do take photographs every single day — i just don’t share them all on Instagram because THAT would soon get annoying.

Speaking of… there’s been a lot of hand wringing over the new policies Instagram announced yesterday. I’m going to wait to see how it unfolds, because there’s always uproar when a social media site announces change — i’ve seen it happen so many times before, when the language used is misinterpreted and everyone is up in arms. Looking at the Instagram blog today it’s clear they are listening to feedback and clarifying what their intentions are. So i will wait and see. Because if my Instagram feed is full of advertsing i’d be less inclined to use it, obviously — I’d rather just pay to use the service and have no advertising at all — but it was clear to me that the language they used would cause confusion and it looks like they are addressing that. They still have time to make this right.

In the meantime, some photos from the first six months of this year…









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  1. Dana Barbieri

    I love your iphone photos. If you are taking the photos, yup you are a photographer!

  2. michelle gd

    this idea of which camera is used and does that make you a “real” photographer…i think about this a lot, and so appreciate your confidence in your work. i love your perspective of photography and journalling being your meditation, your daily acts of living. i feel very much this way…in large part thanks to experiencing unravelling 1 and 2.

    {a sweet peek at the first half of your year too…}

  3. Anna

    I love the one with your hand holding open the book. Beautiful.

  4. La plume et la page

    Beautiful pictures! Love this post.
    Have a good week-end Suannah!

  5. Laura Babb

    So many photographers are hung up on kit and technicalities, rather than artistic interpretation. That’s sad. You are a photographer if your intention is to make pictures.

  6. Gerri

    Oh Sweets, the March picture of Noah touched me in my heart…
    Love your choices for Part 1…
    Oh, and I totally agree about IG. We’ll see what comes of it all.
    Love to you Hon!

  7. JessicaJessica Sager

    Such beautiful and inspiring pictures. Life oozes out of them! :)

    I wanted to ask you how your pictures turn out so crisp, even the ‘action’ shots. If every object isn’t perfectly still, it’s a blur – even outside where lighting isn’t an issue. Any tips? Or places where you get your tips? :) I just love everything about your site – thanks for sharing!

  8. sarah

    I always love your photos, and I love your instagram feed! I, too, am going to take the “wait-and-see” approach to the new instagram hubbub. Like you said, everyone freaks out whenever changes are made to any social media site or app…and then it dies down and everyone returns to normal.

  9. Catherine Denton

    Your photos tell SUCH a story. Love that one with Noah in the air ~ so much joy on his face.
    Catherine Denton

  10. Bella

    Rather than ruffling my feathers, I too am waiting to see what happens..
    Loving the first half of the year photos. You did a lot of traveling in 2012. How awesome!

  11. Michele

    I have never felt like such a photographer since purchasing my iPhone – it’s all about the little daily things and has most definitely trained my eye to see as a photographer. I am grateful that I have you as inspiration too! xo

  12. susannah

    Jessica, i find the ‘shutter’ on the iphone camera can be surprisingly fast – not always, but sometimes. i have a 4S and use the 6×6 app to take photos (it’s quite fast and shoots in squares, which i prefer). i don’t think there’s any trick to it — it’s just luck, really. Make sure you take a few shots and try to hold your phone as still as you can. Plenty of light helps, too x

  13. Vickie

    beautiful photos – love the first in April & the last two in June.
    & I don’t think being a photographer (or not) depends on what tools you use :)

  14. Patti L

    love it…your insight always feels like a soft place to fall…thanks for the comfort!

  15. Barbara

    LOve the idea of making phographs through out the year. It’s like a visual journal of what you’ve done. Thanks for sharing. Barbara

  16. Debbie

    You are a photographer…

  17. Iris Ztarr

    Love your photos, and read a blog post the other day about a young U.S. based professional photographer who is only shooting with his iphone and assorted apps these days and taking fantastic shots, in fact I think it was on one of your Something for The Weekend emails!

  18. phoebe

    I’m with you on the i-phone photography…it’s more about the eye of the photographer than the camera being used I think. I have all kinds of “real” cameras but I find myself shooting with my i-phone everyday. And I love it!
    And I love your photos – every one is gorgeous :)

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