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As you probably know by now, I love books. The fact that there is one out in the world that has my name on it makes me happier than I can say. Every year I say (to myself — no one really cares) that I’m going to only give books as Christmas presents, but I never actually do this; there are so many lovely things I want to give my loved ones, I can’t rein myself in to just bookish gifts. But that doesn’t stop me drooling over their covers.

So here’s a few of the books I own and a few I want to own — all of them would make ace Christmas presents :)

For the foodies

1. Jerusalem
2. What Katie Ate
3. The Kitchen Diaries
4. Edible Selby
5. Kinfolk magazine
6. salt sugar smoke

For the magpies

1. Creative Walls
2. Nomad
3. Granny Chic
4. London Style Guide
5. Francesca Woodman
6. Decorate Workshop

For the wordsmiths

1. Writing Down the Bones
2. Selected Poems, Sharon Olds
3. Eats, Shoots and Leaves
4. On Writing
5. Bird by Bird
6. The House of Belonging

For the thinkers

1. The Quantum Universe
2. The Soul of Money
3. Essays in Love

For the soul searchers

1. The Dance
2. Finding Your Way in a Wild New World
3. The Lotus and the Lily

For the bookworms

1. The Night Circus
2. Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
3. Gone Girl

Ps. I’m not an affiliate for Amazon, so these links are just for extra info xx

12 responses
  1. rahel

    ooooh, so many lovely choices. le sigh. my booklover heart is racing (:

  2. sandie

    Some great choices there – I love Ottolenghi and Nigel Slater. Writing down the Bones too…
    I love books and would always be grateful for one as a gift.

  3. Debbie

    I have to get Granny Chic right now! And some of the other books look awesome as well. thanks!

  4. loupita

    Great post. Just ordered two of the books as a birthday present for myself. :)

  5. Catherine Denton

    Kinfolk grabbed me with the woman laughing so hard on the cover. All of these look amazing! I own most of the wordsmith group and treasure each one.
    Catherine Denton

  6. .kat.

    Kinfolk! YES!
    Nomad! YES!
    Night Circus! YES!
    So many more titles
    for me to love. YES!

  7. leonie

    I own (or know of) more than half of these, and the remainder (now I know about them) I want!

    Awesome selection Susannah

  8. Victoria Smith

    You have so many wonderful books listed here – lots I’ve read and loved and some I’m now inspired to read. Thank you! Oh wait – these were supposed to be gift ideas weren’t they? Erm – okay, I’ll consider giving a few away too. Lol. And BTW – David White’s House of Belonging has long been my favorite book of poetry (and the name of my fav poem in it!). Thanks for sharing. Very cool.

  9. Nik

    Eats Shoots and Leaves is a fantastic book! Haven’t read any others in this collection though, so there’s some definite Kindle downloading to be done for the New Year.

  10. Katherine Lightner

    Yes, yes, yes. Great selection. Some I have and one I’d never heard of has just been bought for a foodie friend. xx

  11. Noelle Peacock

    Read ‘Writing Down The Bones’ now well into ‘Wild Mind’. Natalie Goldberg is a legend. Love her style. Not afraid to say it like it is.

  12. Kathryn

    I’m only half-way through the Night Circus and I already want to own it. It would be an amazing gift for somebody. Also, those writing books look interesting, too.

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