Something for the weekend

It’s fair to be disappointed by how you look :: wisdom from Kate

[video] This song is my new anthem (via Rachael)

Just bought one of Jane’s brooches and I love it

Slightly obsessed with Kevin Russ’s photography | a cute camera holster | iPhone cable trigger

Portraits of people who look alike but aren’t related at all | characters on British streets

Tiffany’s Love Letters are a sweet idea for 2013

Garlicky kale & white bean stew | posh cheeseburgers & quinoa fritters

When you feel lonely :: wisdom from Martha

Free moodboard calender for 2013 ( + my workbook & planner if you haven’t downloaded it yet ;-)

My London Story

100 words for snow (my fave is chachat meaning swirling snow that drives you nuts)

So pretty! I suddenly have the urge to go gather some leaves and press them

Sleeveface — love the Anthology versions

The Burning House book is out!

46 reasons why my three-year-old might be freaking out :: I love Jason

happy weekend, loves xo

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  1. kathryn

    love your photograph!!

    just read a few paragraphs about you in Chris Guillebeau’s book the $100 startup…very cool!!

  2. susannah


  3. Gerri Smalley

    I love that song by India Arie!
    Kevin Russ’s photography is amazingballs!
    The Burning House book reminds me of Unravelling. ;)

  4. susanBlack

    gorgeous photo !

  5. Bruisemouse

    Thanks for sharing Jason Good. I just about sprayed my morning cup of tea over he iPad reading his list. Hilarious.
    Happy weekending.

  6. Catherine Denton

    I may have to adopt that anthem. And I’m completely fascinated by the lookalike photography. I’ve always had a built-in lookalike (twin sister) but people always mistake my best friend as my twin. So I suppose I’m lucky enough to have two lookalikes. :)

  7. Kate holley

    Susannah, you just made my day! I’ve been serendipitously referred to your site repeatedly over the past couple of days. Being a music head, I checked out the video link above and was absolutely delighted to find the India Arie song. I had had various songs of hers on all day. Another gorgeous synchroncity. I so needed that reminder to get into flow right now. Thankyou. x

  8. Kristen

    Susannah, I really enjoy your Something For The Weekend posts. I look forward to them. Thanks.

  9. leoniewise

    {raises hand} that India Arie song is one of my all time faves

    that kale recipe looks amazing and i have all the ingredients in my house, so that is supper sorted – thanks!

    Kevin Russ’s photos are fabulous

    Those love letters sound great

    I want to press leaves now too.

    (I love these lists. Happy weekend, friend)

  10. Claire Skillen saw this shop/cafe on Rathbone Place the other day while I was wondering around London and I immediately thought of you. x

  11. kelly

    I look forward to your “something for the weekend” posts every week. I always find something that seems specifically meant for me. Thanks so much for these links !

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