Something for the weekend

One of my fave poets, David Whyte, reading one of my fave poems, Sweet Darkness (via Jill)

Loving the paintings of Anne Siems

Sandra and Johan’s gorgeous apartment in Berlin | people in artsy flats in London and NYC

[video] an underwater tornado of fish

Loving these flying houses

Basil & persimmon salad | persimmon pear caprese toast | hot buttered rum & cider

Leaves made into a font

The collected wisdom in The Body Stories

[video] The Gypsy Gentleman in London – tattooing & travelling (a few conversational f-bombs in here :)

Ophi & Tali explain how the north and south nodes of the moon affect our growth

Holiday party bingo!

Camera-like controls for your smartphone

[video] The world’s (second) largest tree — the people are like xmas tree decorations (i want to go see this!)

10 things Joan Didion loves

And finally, a sneak peak at what Megg, Sas and I are cooking up for September… Unravel Your Story

Happy weekend, loves xo

7 responses

    i can not get over the second largest tree…3,200 years old?!! loved seeing this!!

  2. Ashley

    My parents read about the second largest tree in National Geographics and on a whim decided to go visit in when they go on a big US road trip in February. I’m super proud of them for just jumping at the opportunity like that. :)

  3. Elaine

    I sat down about half an hour ago at a coffee shop to start your Unravelling the year ahead workbook. I’ve only done the first question, the has been lots of pausing to stare off and think in between writing words… But even reflecting on and writing about that first question makes this workbook super precious to me now.
    Thank you for this offering! I’ve always wanted to take one of your courses, but haven’t been able to quite rationalize the fee (hopefully some day!)
    But this gift of a workbook gives me a perk into your magic, an I so appreciate it.

  4. The Dame Intl

    Such excellent links Sarah! I am now a huge fan of Marcus Kuhn the Gypsy Gentleman!

  5. elsiacanada

    Always a pleasure to come on friday and check your post. Always something to learn or discover and open my brain .
    Have a very nice week end Susannah

  6. Lisa

    Susannah, I always look forward to your “something for the weekend” posts. Thanks.

  7. An

    Those leaf fonts are amazing!

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