The year in review

It’s been a really big year for me. Sitting here in the last days of it I’m wondering if perhaps it’s been a little too big as I’m tired and not filled with as much excitement for the new year as I usually am. It’s been a year of accomplishments, each spurring me on to the next, the momentum keeping me going until I landed back in London, the place I left nearly eight years ago. I’ve been living here for two months now and while I started on a high the last few weeks I’ve been honouring my need to retreat — there’s been a lot of inner and outer unravelling going on, much of it taking me back to my most tender places. This year was so mapped out it feels odd to be facing a new year with no concrete plans in place; rather than let 2013 be a fallow year, I’m plotting my next escapades, while also being aware of how down time and space is essential to my sanity. There are places I want to visit, a new course to unveil, a retreat to teach and two new books to plan for…. but first, a look at what went down in 2012:

… in February Jen, Amanda and I led a week-long Polaroid retreat in Marrakesh

…. the same month I launched a brand new course

… in April my favourite person in the whole world turned two! [photo above by his mummy]

… in the spring I dipped my toe in the dating pool

… and I started taking driving lessons, again

… in May our book, Instant Love, was published (it’s already gone to a second printing)

… and in June my own book, This I Know, hit the shelves

… in July I did a freakin’ 4-week book tour across North America with just a carry-on!

… I also cried in front of a Picasso

… I began writing monthly magazine columns for The Simple Things and Somerset Life

… in August I watched my beautiful little sister get married

… in October I explored painting with Flora on a hillside in Italy and taught Photo Meditations in North Carolina

… and if all that wasn’t enough, a week after getting back from the States I moved back to London


Fave books of the year: Dying to be Me | This I Know (obviously) | all of these

Fave music of the year: Bat for Lashes | School of Seven Bells | Ben Howard | Of Monsters and Men

Fave moment of the year: Getting chatted up by a devilishly handsome man at the top of the Rockefeller Center

Disappointment of the year: Stress = I started smoking again

Physical accomplishment of the year: I started exercising and lost 15 pounds

Fave sound of the year: everything that Noah says: ‘Let’s make some cooking, Susie’ | ‘Skipbits’ instead of biscuits | ‘cuggle’ means cuddle | ‘I luz you, Susie’ | ‘Father Crispie’ for Father Christmas

Fave posts of the year: How to make dreams come true | My ABC of important things | The rug seller’s portrait | Sometimes | Always wear your invisible crown | Ode to a life a do not yet have | How to write a book | This I (don’t) know | Following my heart | We all have to start somewhere | The universe doesn’t mess around | The permission slip | The fire of change | On clarity, crapness and tiny flames

Fave blog readers of the year: all of YOU. Seriously, none of this would be possible without your support, understanding and kindness. I’ve received some of the most humbling emails from blog and book readers alike this year, and every time it renews my commitment to keep doing what I’m doing — putting my story out there so others feel less alone. So thank you so much for visiting me here in my online home — you rock my world xxx

Other years in review: 2011 :: 2010 :: 2009


If you’re in need of a tool to help you look back over this year and plan for the next, you can download my Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook over here

10 responses
  1. Cat

    an amazing year….truly ♥

    love and light

  2. Gerri Smalley

    Susannah, you’ve had a big year indeed. I’m praying that your 2013 is all that you dream, want and need it to be. More love, light and magic to you my friend…
    I’ve personally put off planning 2013 until the eve of 2012. I think I’m trying to savor every bit before the year ends…
    What a blessing it was By the Sea…looking forward to Unravelling in 2013. Much LoVe to you Sweets!! xxO

  3. elizabeth

    love you totally. go easy on yourself– sink into this quiet– be with it– it’s all good— it’s the natural low tide to a flipping HIGH tide of 2012 as you just illustrated . . . can’t wait to see you in 2013. xoxoxo

  4. Debbie

    You are so awesome! I am proud of you and have been stirring around in my mind to copy some of your moves. You have inspired me.

  5. Cat Athena Louise

    Congrats on a truly spectacular year of accomplishments and treasured experiences!
    C x

  6. Christianne

    Sweet Susannah, I never stop loving you and what you share in this space. It’s always such a gift and joy.

    This year, for me, has been one of intense growing pains. I moved into a new place with my life’s work — more of a deepening season — and it was really disorienting. (Still is!)

    My experience with this makes me wonder if some of what you’re feeling on the eve of this new year is some of the same, albeit from a different place in your work than I am. You’ve taken so many big steps in 2012, and your life’s work seemed to jump to whole new levels. It’s bound to be disorienting as you catch your bearings on what’s to be the new normal.

    Love to you, sweet girl. xo

  7. La plume et la page

    I wish you a happy new year Susannah!

  8. Catherine Denton

    Such a beautiful year, Susannah, it’s incredibly inspiring. I’ll be browsing those links awhile. Wishing you a fantastic new year!
    Catherine Denton

  9. Meg

    Susannah, what a whirlwind of a year, one so full of life! I wish you a joyous and healthy year in 2013.
    PS – And I do hope that Noah continues to add cute mispronunciations to the Conway vernacular. I love that a handful of our toddler mispronunciations are still common currency among me and my siblings. All part of the private ties that bind & the tapestry of a family!

  10. Kathryn

    I hope you have a brilliant 2013, Susannah, and thank you for the magic words you continue to share on your blog!

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