Wish I may

It’s 12-12-12 and that means it’s a wishing day. Last time I did this was in 09-09-09 and looking back at the post I’m amazed by how many of those wishes have come to pass. There’s something to this gentle wishing thing… will you join me today?

I wish for a weekend of reading books. I wish for security. I wish for continued good health for my family. I wish for the perfect pair of jeans. I wish for a never-ending supply of instant film. I wish for a lover who’s brave, knows how to cook and wants to explore the world with me. I wish for silence. I wish for time to write my new book. I wish for a month in New York City. I wish for passionate kisses every single day. I wish for deepening friendships. I wish for upgraded hormones. I wish for forever cuddles with my nephew. I wish for a gingerbread latte. I wish for my own line of journals. I wish for soul trust. I wish for more London adventures. I wish for sunny days. I wish for a detached house in the countryside. I wish for free broadband. I wish for clarity. I wish for a full-time assistant. I wish for morning optimism.  I wish for an ever-expanding heart.

I wish for love.

What do you wish for?

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  1. Rachel

    I can’t tell you what I wished for or it won’t come true! ;)

  2. paul

    Clarity for next year’s new directions, and a vegan cupcake. Not necessarily in that order.

  3. Rhianne

    Oh my gosh Susannah, I did this with you in 09 and I completely forgot about it, I’ll have to write a post tomorrow :) Although looking at my list, I think some will be on there again.

  4. The Dame Intl

    Oh this is wonderful! I love that you wish for a partner who is brave, it is so rare to find that.

    I wish for an income doing what I love, I wish for a pair of cat children to keep me coming as I’m always home alone, I wish for love in everyone’s hearts who currently feel like they aren’t good enough, I wish for a car so I can go exploring and get out of the house, I wish for a job offer in Australia and a beach house with a bit of land there, I wish for a partner who is brave and positive, I wish for the same for my mom.

  5. The Dame Intl

    cat children to keep me company!

  6. Rhianne

    Also, I wish for sunny days too, I miss the sunshine…

  7. Iris Ztarr

    I wish for loads of sunshine. I wish for beautiful healthy grandchildren. I wish for amazing clients in a business doing what I love. I wish for walks on the beach every day. I wish for the time to create a beautiful, lush garden. I wish for ongoing inspiration to create art. I wish for a life partner who is romantic, true, affectionate, sensitive and willing to explore the world with me too!

  8. sas

    You made me do a fist-pump on your behalf #comeonuniverse

  9. Catherine Denton

    A wishing day? I love this idea.

    I wish for my kids to know my undying love for them. I wish for more dates with my husband. I wish for time to read. I wish for people to be touched by my words. I wish to have better photography skills. I wish for resolutely knowing I am good–right now. I wish for a book deal. I wish to be 30 pounds lighter. I wish for long hikes in the woods and the breath to handle it. I wish for holding hands and tender touches. I wish for more laughter and less fear. I wish for a blog explosion. I wish for my own fairy collection. I wish to never lose my childish whims. I wish for decorating my home more like…me. I wish for peace and understanding. I wish for never letting a moment go unnoticed.

  10. fiona

    These are some good wishes. You and Sas inspired me to post too.

  11. Micala Duvoux

    Love this and the “upgraded hormones” made me chuckle. I suddenly realised this will be our last date like this (no 13.13.13) so I wrote a wish list just in case you’re on to something!

  12. jane

    i wish for deep heart connections to continue and strengthen, for people to see we are all permissible and that right and wrong are not the truth, that the oceans and rivers are cleaned up, that my family are all well and our love is clear and clean, that i continue to grow, that my work is fulfilling, that i remain connected to universal love and grow in my power to be a conduit for it…

  13. kathryn

    I wish for: my girls to be happy, our foster kitten to find a fantastic home, security, money, more success in my art business, success in my new business, to be even happier, inspiration and creativity, deeper love and compassion, and great health and happiness for my family and friends!

  14. sperlygirl

    oh susannah, i do love dropping by here and reading your thoughts. this is a beautiful collection of wishes….and may they all come true for you. xx

  15. Shandi

    I wish for the freedom to work from home as a successful writer.

    I wish for a beautiful beach house, with a sweet little dog.

    I wish for leisurely, stress-free days.

    I wish for financial abundance that would free me from worry, and allow me to pamper myself occasionally.

    I wish for eternal youth, in body and mind.

    I wish for 2013 to be full of creativity for me.

  16. La plume et la page

    I wish for love (I’m 33 and still alone…) and I wish for a better job; in France or overseas…

  17. leonie

    may it be so.

    (i didn’t think to wish for anything)

  18. Sherry

    I just realized that I have almost 100% of what I have ever wished for — and I’m truly grateful — now I am wishing that the wishes of others come true!

  19. karen

    I think you will get your line of journals! I enjoyed your wish list :)

  20. Nicola Dent

    I wish for my son to grow up happy and healthy. I wish for health for my family. I wish to find love again. I wish for a life filled with fun, creativity and adventure. I wish to forge new friendships with likeminded people. I wish for a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. I wish for another child. I wish for 2013 to be my best year yet. I wish for everyone elses wishes to come true xx

  21. beth

    i wish and hope that all your wishes come true!! you have inspired me to make a wish list before i go to bed tonight and i’m going to ask my hubby to make a wish list, too…..a project that should be done together don’t you think? thank you for always always inspiring me and making me see life just a bit differently through your heart and eyes…..xo

  22. Sabine

    Thank you for this idea, Susannah. Just posted my wishes on my blog: http://moments-to-live-for.blogspot.de/2012/12/wish-i-may.html
    I always find it most interesting, when I find old wishlists. They say so much about who you were at that moment.

  23. Mary in VA

    I wish for peace in my home life without the chaos of drama; for a few moments each day to create, explore, and connect; for health and happiness for my family, friends, and the friends I have yet to meet; I wish for my garden to thrive; I wish to have my house addition finished in the next two years.

  24. Sandra

    I wish to put my experience into writing, as it is, when it feels so complex and ineffable. I wish to be able to keep myself open and present often, in the face of the constant uncertainty of life. I wish for a companion who will be there with me, doing this also. I wish for great sex. really. I wish for a peaceful, happy family life with my children. I wish that they will still be close to me when they are adults. I wish to feel the warmth of a real community around me. I wish for beauty, whimsy, and play daily. I am a day late, but hope the universe won’t mind :)

  25. Alexis

    Every one of your blog posts is like a shiny package to open and explore.

  26. susannah

    right there with ya, sista #sex

  27. Nina

    I almost think you could use your list of wishes as a very creative lonely hearts ad! Probably best to leave out the personal assistant bit though, hehe…

  28. susannah

    thanks…i think


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