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Woot! First SFTW of the year! I’ve been compiling these weekly lists for well over a year now and it’s the first time I’ve stuck to a regular feature on this blog. I really love putting these together so i hope you guys find them fun, too. In other news I’m still sick, but definitely on the mend — just need to slow down and not try to catch up on everything the moment i feel better *ahem*

[video] Symphony of Science: We are All Connected

Jeffrey Eugenide’s advice to young writers

The pun-tastic work of Hanksy (Pie Hard | Ferrell cats)

How to rock being a woman — smarts from Justine

Lovely review of This I Know over on Elephant Journal this week

[video] Photographer Daido Moriyama shooting in Tokyo

Revisiting my Style Statement — still fits me perfectly

Polaroid-a-day from Amanda Marsalis

“I try to present myself the same in-person as I do on my profile: quirky and charming and a little aloof. As if this tells my whole story. As if comparing myself to a Zooey Deschanel character is all that’s needed to encapsulate who I am: cupcakes and dresses with boots and awkward asides. This is how I’m supposed to present myself. Telling the truth—about my insomnia and depression and inability to feel normal—would be ridiculous.” – a beautifuly honest look at dating by Kristen Forbes (via Jill)

Thanks to the intro from my bro-in-law, I’m now rather obsessed with Kraken rum (it’s medicinal!)

Men: new and unimproved — smarts from Jason

[video] Changing education paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson (via my sister)

Such a great idea: One second every day app

Famous resolution lists

Love this recipe wall calender

[audio] free meditation audios over on this site

The 101 most amazing things women said on Twitter this last year

And finally, the 2013 workbook has been downloaded over 25,000 times! Crazy! Loving seeing how peeps are using it on Instagram and Facebook. Clare sent me the photo below with following note: “My friend Sam and I thought it would be a lovely thing to make some booklets for a retreat we were going on over new year. So Sam got out his sewing machine, and hey presto. They went down a treat.”

LOVE THESE SO MUCH. If you’ve blogged about how you’ve used the workbook please do share a link in the comments — I’d love to see it xx

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  1. Catalina

    Thank you SO much Sussanah! for the inspir

  2. Catalina

    ation and love you share on your posts since the beginning! for your books and workshops, to be there, to your brave and beautiful self!

    Wish you the best in 2013 and all the years to come. Be healthy and happy and continue to bloom! Love

  3. Rhianne

    Gosh, 25,000 is amazing, that’s so great Susannah :)

    Have you heard all the other Symphony of Science songs? I love them, my favourite is Ode to the Brain, its almost romantic…

  4. Mary @ Have the World

    Unravelling the Year Ahead has been passed around my friends and family like hot cakes. Thank you for creating this exercise in reflection and intention setting. It really helped me to pause before the new year! Cheers!

  5. Alex

    I used your workbook and it has been a great help in letting me say goodbye to 2012, and looking forward to this new year too. It’s been a great exercice for me. THANK YOU!
    I posed here:

  6. Corey

    I posted about the first part of the unraveling workbook here:
    I loved it and it helped me get my thoughts in line so, so much.

  7. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks, Susannah, for sharing some great resources – and congratulations on the number of downloads of the 2013 workbook. I’m still working through mine…

  8. Charmaine

    Oh my fragrant is perfect just what I need and have been searching for. Thank you

  9. Lauren Burkitt

    Susannah, I just recently started following your blog and I am so grateful to have this in my life. I had such a blast this morning going through all the links you posted for the weekend.

    I gave several copies of your workbook to my friends for New Years and they were thrilled. This is such a good exercise that benefits everyone. I also included you and the workbook in my new years post on my brand new blog, The Fig’s Heart.

  10. Catherine Denton

    I absolutely love your links for the weekend! So glad you’re continuing them this year.

    I LOVE what they did with your workbook! Congrats on all the downloads, that’s amazing.

    Here’s my post to add to the list:

  11. Maya

    Dear Susannah,
    I so appreciate your SFTWs! Thank you for taking the time to compile all of those goodies every week. And, I have been deeply inspired by using your calendar/planner, Susannah. I wasn’t accustomed to choosing a word for the year and I’ve resisted planning my year-to-come for so long. (turned 40 this year) The artist in me always felt like planning was equal to putting myself in a box and then not being able to climb out. Ugh. Such backward thinking…I know this now. Please see my post on how you helped me gently discover my word for 2013, or better yet, how my word found me.

    Thank you again. And, please continue to take gentle care of you while you heal.

  12. Annette Gendler

    Loved working through your workbook! It was very helpful in getting some thoughts sorted out, seeing some patterns, and coming up with my word

  13. Kelly

    25,000 downloads – woo-hoo! although i am not surpised, your workbook is pretty amazing. :)

    here’s a link to my post about my unraveling the year ahead!

  14. LAura babb

    Weirdly kraken rum is rather nice with a flapjack. Try it.

  15. Eileen Weigand

    Hi Susannah,
    I used your booklet and combined it with Andrea Scher’s vlog this year. I had a hard time with the second half of the booklet- I will save it to work on each month possibly. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. And, your for the weekend posts rock!! Loved the Malala article. Happy new year!! xo Eileen

  16. Therese

    Love SFTW.Look forward to Saturdays mornings when I can browse through your links with a cup of chai in hand.

  17. Anne

    i passed it on, printed it out, worked with it, shared it on my blog. what a gift your workbook, thank you!

  18. Laura

    Such lot to enjoy here!

    I blogged about the 2013 workbook here:

    Absolutely loved it, thank you!

    Laura x

  19. Erin McNaughton

    I just finished up the workbook and it has been a great resource for me. I’ve been goal-setting my entire life, but many of your prompt were HUGE questions that I’d never considered before. I expect 2013 to be an incredibly successful year and I’m looking forward to reviewing my dreams and goals throughout. Thank you so much! :)

  20. Anne-Marie

    Hi Susannah, I’ve never commented before but I just wanted to tell you how valuable [and challenging!] your 2013 workbook is. I’ve just finished the 2012 section and am now working my way through the 2013 section. It’s such a valuable resource – thank you so, so much.


  21. Ginger

    I look forward to continuing to use the workbook throughout the year as I add to the planner at the back, review answers to certain questions, complete others and reflect on the words I have chosen… which I wrote about HERE:

    Thank you for this gift.

  22. Vickie

    I used the workbook for the first time this year, it was somewhat challenging, but in a good way :)

  23. misty

    I posted about your workbook recently and am still enjoying the process of reflecting and looking ahead. Thank you for making it free. I am certain the universe will reward you for such generosity!

  24. Lisa Uotinen

    I downloaded your lovely workbook for me and my 12 year old daughter. My daughter IMMEDIATELY grabbed a pen and spent quite a bit of time completing it. I’m not allowed to read it- but thank you for providing my daughter with a creative way to express herself.

  25. Gemma

    Hey Susannah Happy New Year! Thank you for ther continued inspiration. Go Girl!

  26. Shannon Rosan

    Hi Susannah! My friend Bria Morrison recommended your blog and Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook. I absolutely love your work, blog and it inspired me to write a post about my word for 2013 you can view it here – Thank you for your wonderful blog :)

  27. Kathryn

    thank you so much, Susannah, for the workbook. I found it challenging, thought-provoking and fun.

    I did blog about my word and the workbook –

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